Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

Hundreds Arrested In Paris May Day Violence

01/05 18:00Police Deploy Tear Gas, Water Cannons at May Demonstration in Paris (WATCH LIVE) May Day riot in Paris: Masked protesters torch cars, police deploy tear gas (VIDEOS)
Angelica Greene | 04 May, 2018, 09:27

Police in Paris on Tuesday arrested almost 200 masked protesters who interrupted peaceful demonstrations marking May Day.

Paris: At least 200 people have been arrested after they clashed with the riot police and damaged properties in Paris during a traditional march to mark the global Workers' Day, police said.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux criticised the protesters for covering up their faces.

The unions said that the demonstration came about 55 thousand people.

Protesters wear black clothing cover their faces with scarves, hoods, balaclavas and motorcycle helmets to hide their identities and lessen the effects of teargas.

A total of 1,200 masked and hooded protesters from the far-left anarchist group, the Black Blocs, hijacked what was meant to be a peaceful rally against public sector labour reforms.

'They came to hit capitalist symbols and burn cops.

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Lawkeepers in France held several people in the wake of the violence that rocked Paris on Tuesday, May 1, observed as International Workers' Day.

"These individuals were motivated by the desire to disrupt the union meeting, to derail the day", he said.

"For the future manifestations there would be even more police forces in order to completely separate protesters and those, who seek vandalism", Collomb told France 2 broadcaster. "We can only detain a certain number of people who turn up like you or I in civilian clothing and then suddenly are dressed in Black bloc outfits in the middle of the crowd", he said.

Masked protestors, loot a MacDonald's fast food outlet during a demonstration on the side lines of the march for the annual May Day workers' rally, in Paris, on May 1, 2018. "There is a government, there is a state, there are leaders, and it will continue to be so".

There is widespread discontent in labour unions over Mr Macron's reforms.

Police in Paris have used water cannons to break up a tumultuous rally.

Hundreds of masked and hooded protesters clashed with police in Paris on Thursday, expressing their anger against President Emmanuel Macron's economic policies on a May Day rally.