Showcase of Wonderful Conceptual Photography of David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu is a 16 years old, Austrian photographer of Nigerian descent living in Luxembourg for almost a decade. he is the youngest photographer we have come across so far who is producing very dark, edgy and mature conceptual photography. Some of his photos can give you chills. He is getting better with each his impressive upload. We’d certainly keep an eye on this very young and talented photographer and note his growth in years to come. We believe it takes a lot many ideas, guts, and hard-work to create such images which leave you astonished and puzzled. Let’s get to know him better:

David Uzochukwu Photography (2)Tell us a bit more about yourself, David:

I was born in Innsbruck, Austria in December 1998. I’m in 10th grade right now, and my free time is consumed by photography. I used to read a lot, and am fascinated by every type of creating.

David Uzochukwu Photography (3)When did you start taking pictures?

I started taking pictures four years ago. Photography was always important to me, and it kept developing over time and growing even closer to my heart. I dedicate as much time as I can to planning, organizing, executing and editing pictures, but it’s not nearly enough. At the moment, I produce only around four pictures a month. I’m trying to get back into shooting more often again.

David Uzochukwu Photography (4)Tell us what you like shooting most?

Right now, my key areas are fine art, conceptual and portraits - but I really want to dive into other areas as well. The one thing that really makes me click is story-telling. That’s the most important thing. My biggest achievement was my first exhibition a month ago. I’ve photographed Belgian singer Ozark Henry, and worked for an Italian fashion designer, Rebel Yuths. I think that editing and photo manipulation are part of photography, have always been and will always be. But if people don’t want to label me as photographer, that’s fine with me. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m creating and that it makes me feel good.

David Uzochukwu Photography (5)Your conceptual work is very unique. How do you visualize these images?

Thank you, I just try to produce images that I’m personally satisfied with. Aesthetics are very important, of course, and I love beautiful images with a dark theme just as much as songs with an innocent melody and somber lyrics. Creating images most often isn’t about thinking, it really is about letting them develop in my mind.

David Uzochukwu Photography (6)Why do so many teenagers love photography?

I think that it is amazing that so many people enjoy photography. But while I certainly was part of that movement, I’m not proud of it and trying to move away from it. Many of these people (there are loads of boys, as well) just keep copying each other, doing the same things over and over again and insisting on being original. But we all have to start somewhere, and I’m not one to talk since that’s what I did and am partly still doing. Let’s not forget that there also are some truly brilliant teenagers out there, actually creating art and doing their own thing. Kudos to you guys.

David Uzochukwu Photography (7)Are there good shooting opportunities in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg offers fields and forests, and that’s all I needed for my photography. But it is also very small, doesn’t provide other creatives or many opportunities. I want to keep going, and try new things - and with my family moving to a city within the next months, I don’t really have another choice, really. Photography made me look at the world differently, it completely changed my point of view. Everyone who takes pictures can relate.

David Uzochukwu Photography (8)Where do you seek inspiration from?

I get inspired by music, books, movies, people and light. There are so many incredible artists out there, and every time I get asked to name my favorite ones I name someone else. But essentially they are Ryan Muirhead, Laura Zalenga and Gregory Crewdson. The one thing that motivates me to photograph is the same thing that made me start: that ache inside of my chest, that yearning to tell stories.

David Uzochukwu Photography (10)My favorite words about photography were spoken by Alec Soth:

“I just want to shake them and tell them to photograph whatever they want. I tell them to pretend that they have a museum in their basement. It is locked and they are the only person with a key. I tell them to close their eyes and imagine what pictures they see down there. It can be anything, just be honest. Then make those pictures.”

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