Beautiful Urban/Street Photography of Julie Grace Immink

Julie Grace Immink is an urban-culture and social documentary photographer from Los Angeles. USA. Her portfolio exhibits a great variety of images ranging from landscapes to street photography. Her photos show us the overlooked and odd moments in daily life. Julie recently self-published her book “Waiting for the Sun” to celebrate the diversity of her work. Simplicity is the key element of her powerful images often capturing a deep disconnect and alienation. This inspires our artist to portray it in a manner to offer remedy and solace. Here’s our interview with Julie:

Julie Grace Immink Photography (1)Hello Julie! Tell us about yourself:

I am Julie Grace Immink living in Los Angeles.  I was born in the wagon of a traveling show.  Exploring the streets with my camera is how I connect to the surrounding world. My photographs are saturated with thoughts on life, death, faith and community. I gain inspiration from anything old and broken but believe in healing and restoration.
Julie Grace Immink Photography (2)What place does photography hold in your life?

Photography is a creative outlet for me to express my struggle with the polarity of the darkness and light in life. The dichotomy of those feelings is infused in my photographs. I started documenting life with pictures as a young teenager and later studied photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. My camera is always with me but I purposefully go street shooting about twice a week. Photography is both my way of escaping and engaging my surroundings. The photographic experience means that I am participating in the world but not subscribing to any particular ritual.

Julie Grace Immink Photography (3)Tell us about your achievements as a photographer:

My biggest achievement is when I photographically encapsulate moments in time that can never be created again. Many of my street people have passed away or relocated and I am proud that my photographs memorialize these people I have encountered. Physical spaces I have shot in the past have been remodeled or torn down. Finding unique moments and creating successful photographs are what keep me wanting to shoot.

Julie Grace Immink Photography (4)Tell us about your creative process and your photo-book:

The procession of life has a current.  I look for anything that deviates from this tide.  I aim to humanize these off beat moments in a still image.  When shooting, my instincts whisper the decisive moment in my ear.
Julie Grace Immink Photography (5)WAITING FOR THE SUN is my first self published book.  The book is a small collection of images from twenty years of my photographic journey.
I made the book as a celebration of my life and photographic accomplishments.  My inspiration for the book is from this song quote by The Doors; “This is the strangest life I have ever known” [SCREAM].

Julie Grace Immink Photography (6)What do you think about selfie rage in young photographers?

Self-portraiture is an excellent form of self-expression and discovery. Young photographers are probably the most drawn to this medium because adolescence is the time in your life when your allowed to self-discover. As an adult your expected to have figured things out but most grown ups are faking it. Selfies are repetitive and I know everyone has the potential to be more creative than posing in a bathroom mirror every time. It would be nice to see more of a variety of self-portraits. The upside is that when someone is creative it just makes their image seem that much more genius.

Julie Grace Immink Photography (7)How’s your experience of shooting on streets in LA?

Street shooting in Los Angeles is a photographers dream because the street are prolific. Venturing to Hollywood Blvd never disappoints. On my shooting days I ride my bike in different neighborhoods around the city and when I see an area that inspires me I will walk around the space and see what unfolds. I learn from my mistakes so the more I shoot and fail the better it makes me in the long run. My ambition is to take better photographs more often.

Julie Grace Immink Photography (8)What keeps you going on and on, Julie?

For my street blog FORMandGROOVE my inspiration is a quote from John Waters, “Beauty is looks you can never forget.”  To hunt for unforgettable moments of beauty and capturing them in a photograph keeps me motivated. Approaching strangers is easy if I don’t fear rejection. Fear is paralyzing and I try not to eliminate it from my creative process.

Julie Grace Immink Photography (9)Thank you, Julie. Say something wise to our readers:

I’d say, listen to your inner wisdom.  When creating art, your inner voice will speak ideas to you but other parts of your body will try to quiet or censor them. Be brave and don’t allow the other parts of your body to talk you out of those moments of innovation.

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