Superb Conceptual Photography by Masha Sardari

Masha Sardari aka Maria Sardari is an amazingly talented visual artist. She’s into conceptual portraits and her manner and style is inimitable and unique. Her photos are set in very mysterious ambiance and chilling environment. Masha is thoughtful and her ideas are far-fetched. She is able to capture the beauty of her subject and her concepts are mind-blowing with a mature point-of-view. Here’s our interview with Masha:

Masha Sardari Photography (2)Tell us about yourself, Masha:

I am from a little village in Moldova, called Jura. At the age of 12 I moved to the United States where I currently attend high school.

Masha Sardari Photography (3)When did you start photography? How often do you shoot?

I’ve been actively photographing since 2010, this about the time I began viewing it as an art form and a way I enjoyed expressing myself. It is both my job and my hobby, therefore balancing is unnecessary. Whether I receive a payment or not, I always enjoy creating. At the moment, I do about one or two shoots per month.

Masha Sardari Photography (4)What kind of photography do you like most? What is in your camera bag?

My work is mainly fine art. My biggest achievement has been not giving up on photography, I have tried many things but this has been the most rewarding and inspirational. Some of my clients have been Greg Silverman (President of Warner Bros) and Jes Wade (a NYC designer). I use a Canon 5D Mark II and both Nikon and Canon 50mm lenses. They are the best when it comes to the type of work I do. Editing is a large part of what I do but it is mostly used to create a certain atmosphere, I avoid any manipulation regarding altering the model’s body or face.

Masha Sardari Photography (5)What is your creative process? What do you think about current photography?

I am greatly inspired by my childhood and current experiences. Much of my work metaphorically relates to aspects of my life. I couldn’t pinpoint any specific sources but images generally simply enter my mind and I have a strong urge to recreate them in the physical world. I believe this medium has taken on a greater importance and is becoming more respected as a fine art. There has been a trend toward utilizing photography as a form of expression and it has produced some beautiful work. My goal in creating is staying true to my aesthetic and my point of view regardless of what others are doing.

Masha Sardari Photography (6)What is the importance of locations for a photographer?

Living in a warm place means that most of the year it is easy to find lush vegetation and great variety. Although I have often thought nothing special of the place in which I live, photography has taught me that beauty can be found anywhere. You just have to notice it. I would love to expand my skills and develop as an artist. Hopefully, one day I will have the opportunity to share my work with a wider audience.

masha-sardari-photography-1.jpgWho are your favorite photographers?

Some photographer’s whose work I enjoy are Brooke Shaden, Tim Walker, and Oleg Oprisco. I mostly shoot with my friends as we already share a level of trust, something I find very important when shooting.

Say something to our readers:

If you love doing something, do it. A life spent doing things one does not enjoy, is a life wasted.

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