Showcase of Film Photography of Dora Kontha

Dora Kontha is a film photographer and designer from Denmark. Her photos take us back to the best of photography discipline barely two decades back. She’s been shooting in all places but it’s her landscape images taken in Northern Europe which tell us how different can the world be on film. It creates a kind of nostalgia for old world charm. The photos taken on film aquire a very unique color and tone pallet, the grain is fantastic and its overall aesthetic appeal excels over digital medium. Here Dora is sharing with us some facts about herself and her art:

Dora Kontha Photography (2)Tell us about yourself, Dora.

Hello, my name is Dora Kontha. I was born and raised in Budapest before heading up to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I still live and work as a designer in a digital advertising agency. During my studies in the degrees of Design, Communication and Aesthetics, all of which I pursued in those two capitals, I discovered my passion for analogue photography and traditional film cameras. Besides this, art, roving and wilderness have a very important place in my life.

Dora Kontha Photography (3)I have always felt an urge to collect all the special moments in life. Everything around us is forever changing and we have absolutely no idea what tomorrow will bring. That’s the reason why I try to capture all the moments that I want to remember to preserve through my photographs. I never want them to fade away.

Dora Kontha Photography (4)How did you get into film photography?

About seven years ago, I came across my grandmother’s old Russian Praktica. It was the first traditional film camera that I held in my hands.  To say that I was amazed is an understatement. I have ever since never stopped to carry it with me and to take photographs of my surroundings, my friends, the woods, the mountains and the sea. For me, it has never been a challenge to find a balance between work and photography, as taking pictures is a vital element in my life. From time to time I feel the urge to press the button on my camera in order to immortalize moments and feelings. Nowadays I am mostly shooting with Praktica and Canon Rebel.

Dora Kontha Photography (5)How’s your experience with film?

Film photography is wonderful as it makes you think before you shoot and lets you experiment freely without knowing the exact result. It’s a freedom, a magical process and a unique experience. For me, analogue photographs are beautiful just the way they are and that’s the reason why I rarely edit my pictures. The combination of colours, textures, sharpness, shades and the very special atmosphere that become unified in film photographs mean that they are not in need of photo manipulation.

Dora Kontha Photography (6)Your images taken in Northern landscapes are very captivating. Tell us about them:

Above all, the North is what interests me the most. The beautiful Nordic landscapes, the big open spaces, the wild nature, the endless forests and the North Atlantic Ocean mesmerize me. It has been always like that. Standing behind a huge waterfall, watching the Northern lights for the first time, wandering around on fascinating mountains or standing in front of a glacier are experiences that I attempt to preserve.

Dora Kontha Photography (7)Tell us about places you like most in Denmark:

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to live somewhere in Scandinavia, somewhere close to the North Pole. Although the North Pole is a bit far from here, Denmark is an amazing place to be and I have been in love with the country from the moment I arrived. Copenhagen, in my opinion is one of the best cities that I visited given its highly inspirational, open and charming atmosphere. I feel delighted up here; Copenhagen owns a special place in my heart.

Dora Kontha Photography (8)What inspires you most? It can be anything…:

Everything around me is inspirational: the people I love, the places I have been, the wilderness, literature, music, and the list could go on forever. The world that we live in is full of magic, beautiful, undiscovered places. All we need to do is open our eyes, seize the moment and take a look.

Say something to inspire our readers:

Never stop wondering, never stop wandering.

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