Showcase of Impressive Photography of Luca Prestia

Luca Prestia is a professional freelance photographer and photojournalist. He’s also been part of short films namely “Ma l’amor mio non muore”. Some of his photos have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions and used in various Italian magazine and books as covers. Some of the photos of Luca show us barren desolate places which have a distinct beauty of their own. There isn’t a sign of life around and anything ‘picturesque’ in them but they show us a view of our environment which is being heavily overpowered by human activities. His cityscapes are usually exhibiting empty spaces and corners… to us it seemed like photographying a deserted town bearing the signs of habitation and stillness. here’s more from Luca in his interview with PhotoArtMag:

Luca Prestia Photography (2)Hi Luca! Tell us who you are and what you do!

I was born in Turin, in the north-east of Italy, and I currently live in Cuneo, a small town close to the border between France and Italy. I studied History at the University of Turin, where I took a Ph.D. Currently my main profession is linked to the publishing industry. In 2000 I became a photojournalist.

Luca Prestia Photography (3)What do you think and feel about photography?

For me, photography is an excellent way of interpreting the world around me; is one way that helps me to understand the places in which I live or that I visit. I started taking pictures when I was 20, and in 2000 this activity has begun to be paid: taking photographs has therefore become a job.

Luca Prestia Photography (4)What do you like shooting most and what is your equipment?

For some years my work as a photographer has focused on landscape photography: for this kind of photography, I use professional digital cameras and a Holga 6×6 with film. Normally, I prefer optics as the 35 mm or 50 mm.

I really like the documentary film, and when I was asked to participate in some production projects in that area, I said yes with enthusiasm. It is an area of photography that allows you to expand your idea of composition and framing. Normally my workflow is simple, because I use very little manipulation processes for my shots. Whenever I can, I try to take pictures as close as possible to the final result that I intend to get.

Luca Prestia Photography (5)What have been your achievements so far?

I was very happy when I was able to work in the field of documentary. Often work for publishing houses, selling photographs that are used as book covers. I also work for newspapers and magazines.

Luca Prestia Photography (6)How do you find and take your most favorite images?

One of the things I love most to do is walk in the mountains. Taking pictures of the mountains was thus a natural process for me. I always look for the best locations for shots, when the light is what I imagine for my photos. My pictures of the mountains are part of a long ongoing project: I want to be able to map out the mountain area where I live, on the border between Italy and France. The basic idea is to get a number of images that show the beauty that characterizes areas still untouched by human action.

Luca Prestia Photography (7)As a photographer, what do you think about current trends?

I know well enough the Italian and international contemporary photography, but there are few authors that I really like. What can I say about my style, is that I always try to express a type of photography that is able to ask questions, to interrogate the observer. I like photographs that capture my attention, photographs that appear ‘different’ from those I see around.

Luca Prestia Photography (9)How is your experience of shooting in Italy? Also tell us about your ongoing projects:

My country is is wonderful, and every place is suitable to be photographed! In the coming months, I intend to carry out a long-term project, entitled Disappeared. It is a project related to what I said before: mountain environments, where human civilization is almost invisible. Currently, my prime source of inspiration is undoubtedly the natural landscape in all its forms. And in fact my favorite photographers – Italian or international – are those that deal with documenting the contemporary landscape.

Luca Prestia Photography (10)Finally we’d like you to say something to our readers:

It’s always difficult for me to offer any tips and advice. The only thing I can say to those who began photographing, is: do only those pictures that you would like to see around! Just so you can find your own style.

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