Impressive Black and White New York Cityscape of Frédéric Bourret

Frédéric Bourret is a self-taught French photographer. While living in New York, Frédéric started working extensively on photo projects and produced a series of very impressive black and white New York cityscape aptly named ‘New York. For this series he extensively experimented with composition and shadows. Frédéric later created many other noteworthy photo series but his ‘New York’ is still one of the best NY photographic works of recent times. Frédéric is sharing with us some facts of his journey into photography:

fbourret1Please tell us a bit about yourself:

I am French with Greek roots. I was born and raised very close to Paris. When I am not in an artistic project, I work as a communication consultant. I try to explore the human creativity and be surprised by art of any kind.

When did you start taking pictures?

I have been taking pictures for years and when I lived in NYC, my picture took another dimension. I started to work on project. When I got back to Paris, I showed my picture to a gallery and it started from here. I don’t take photos on regular basis, I work on project, I have to visualize it in my head and after I am working on it.

fbourret2What does photography mean to you?

Photography means emotions on the first place. The viewer has to be part of the piece of art; he has to feel it not in his brain but in his heart. After, it depends on my project, sometimes it has to make you think. Photography is a way for people to question themselves either on their emotion or on their conception of life.

Tell us about your biggest achievements:

My biggest achievements are behind me, I mean you can look back it’s not because you’ve done something interesting that you have to stop working. But I am proud that my pictures entered institutional and private collection.

fbourret3Tell us about your famous New York series:

When I did my New York series, I tried not to think with my brain, I wanted to take pictures differently, listen to my emotions, my feelings, so this was my way of dealing with photography. As for my others series, even if the idea is there I try to let the emotion driving my way of taking pictures. When the photography starts to be too cerebral, it lacks of something that the viewer can feel. The only photographer that has been inspiring me is Lee Friendlander. I find it awesome. This guy is brilliant !

fbourret4What do you think about contemporary photography?

Contemporary photography goes in every direction. Which is great for new ideas. Some artists blow me away and some are just boring. The only thing I regret is Photoshop is away to present. We kind of lost the original essence of the photography.

Tell us about the place where you currently live:

I currently live very close to Paris, what can I say about Paris that hasn’t been said? :) Honestly, I don’t like to take pictures in Paris, I don’t feel inspired.

fbourret5What are you working on these days? How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated?

I am working on a series; I don’t really like to speak about it when it’s a work on progress. For the moment, I am struggling to achieve it, but I will. My inspiration comes from basically everything and nothing, a sound, a word, everything could ignite an idea in my head, so I visualize it and I do it.

Say something to our readers:

Be creative, push the limits.

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