Art of Sandrine Zondervan : Mystery, Magic, Myths, and Memories

Sandrine Zondervan is a multidisciplinary artist from Italy. She was born in Mexico City in 1978. After studying fine arts and working with many painters, Sandrine began to make experimentation with her work and developed a unique style wherein she blends various metaphysical and paranormal elements and symbols to covey abstract ideas. Sandrine is also into photography and sometimes she uses her images to create other artworks. Sandrine writes poems, paints extensively and makes pieces of soft sculpture. Her artwork can be described as an amalgamation of mystery, magic, myths, and memories. There’s darkness, metamorphosis, liberation, and salvation in her art. Let’s get to know this lovely lady better:

Hi Sandrine! Please tell us readers about you:

I’m a visual artist from Mexico City and living in the North of Italy since 2001. I studied Art and since I was very young I felt inside me the need to express myself through Art. I use many disciplines like painting, soft sculpture, paper sculpture, writing and photography.

Sandrine Zondervan art (2)When did you realize you’re going to be an artist?

When I was very young I moved to Europe to make a research in my own style changing. I started to explore my life and making a fusion of my Mexican roots and the occidental influence which definitely made me work distinctively and find my very own style. In that moment I really felt I had to work as an artist and try to live from it.

Sandrine Zondervan art (3)What is your artist statement?

Art to me means everything. It is the best way I can express myself and tell the world what I feel and who really I am. In my art I’m not shy as in social and real life. In my art I find a very clear way to tell my truth and my inner thoughts without fear. I can’t imagine a life without making art. It is my purpose in life, as well as a reach to my children. Art will never let me be alone. It enriches my soul and my spirit. My statement is indeed the way I see life and takes direct part on me and in my statement. Folklore, anthropology, magic and ancient rituals are really part of my interests in life and my beliefs, so I get inspiration from my everyday life as a human who studies and is very interested in magical things, metaphysics and cosmogony. And with all this my art takes form.

Sandrine Zondervan art (5)You’re active into many streams of art. Which one of them do you enjoy most?

I am a multidisciplinary artist and I have found many ways to express and create, all of them similar but at the same time are different. I have found my own style for every discipline or technique. I enjoy the most depending on my mood or also the weather. It is strange but at the same time it is obvious to me, it is Nature which talks to me and tries to find in me the right medium to come alive. I think I enjoy the most making photography in winter and painting or making soft sculpture in spring… maybe.

Sandrine Zondervan art (4)Tell us about your creative processes and approaches into making artworks:

My creative process is very natural. I star my day drinking coffee and preparing my children to go to school, I just have few hours to work and this is not easy to finish an artwork in one or two days. It has taken me as long as 7 years or more, depending on the piece I’m painting or creating… but normally it doesn’t take more than 2 weeks in the same painting. Beyond that I begin to lose interest and energy on it. And if I’m making a series of dolls, or sculptures I know the process will be very long, sometimes it takes me 2 or 4 months to finish them. It always depends on weather, how this influences me, like rain, or sunny days… the festivities coming and even the phases or the moon, all this influence me and my work.

Sandrine Zondervan art (6)What is the core idea or theme of your work?

The main idea of my work is to talk about the Magic of the Universe, the Creation, the old legends of ancient cultures, rituals and cosmogonies working with traditional symbols and then creating my own symbols. I make a process, I study, read and then they come out from me in a new form… the form my subconscious re-create by itself and traduce it into art. It’s my own way to interpret legends and concepts from antiquity giving a touch of personal imagery.

Tell us about your style and its development:

My style is changing all the time, indeed I don’t think I have a specific style. I think I’m in art as in life, a person who experiments a lot and is so versatile. I mix elements from Mexico, so someone can say my art is naive or folk, maybe primitive. Sometimes it is very minimal, or modern, it always depends of the project, the series and the mood, that is always changing. In my photography maybe I’m more conceptual…

Sandrine Zondervan art (7)What kind of materials and equipment do you use in your work?

The materials I love to use more are canvases, acrylics, paper and fabrics, as well as wool to create some soft sculptures. I love also the idea to work with natural things to include in my art as sticks or wood I find on the woods while I go to walk and meditate. I use some dry flowers or plants for my installations or dolls, stones, feathers, etc… I try to work always with natural light and the music is also very important to me.

Tell us about your clients:

My clients or the people who buy my art are totally open minded people who are not afraid to see the things as they are. It is not easy to buy my art and not easy to all the people to understand why I paint bleeding people, or entities, or dark ladies crying. People who have a good culture and interest in Occult Sciences or Spirituality maybe understand better my work and they appreciate it 🙂

Sandrine Zondervan art (8)What do you think about popular or contemporary art?

Contemporary Art to me is changing and changing all the time. I think there are no set rules to work on or to be an artist. In these times the more honest you are the more people will like you. More freely you express yourself the more diverse and interesting you become. It is not the time anymore for fake artists. People who really works with soul and passion probably are more interesting than others who try to invent a formula just to sell and become a mega star of galleries. I think you can be a real artist and even don’t make part of public life and news.

Sandrine Zondervan art (9)What are your future plans and ambitions?

My ambitions are many!!! But first of all have I want to have a happy family, my kids are the most important to me. After that it comes to me and my art. I want to create for the rest of my life, I’m not interested too much on exhibitions all the time or become very famous. It is not in my nature. Instead, I prefer to become better on my work and really find myself in every piece I create and make people feel emotions. I just want to be happy and create, and well, some money is always welcome.

Sandrine Zondervan art (10)Tell us about your favorite stuff and things you do to get motivation:

I love world music, classical, mexican, indie, and all the classics of 70’s and 80’s… I take inspiration from books, music and some great artists like Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Francesca Woodman, Leonor Fini, and most of all from popular art… the art that is forgotten and underestimated, the art who people from some countries make as popular handicrafts and don’t have a place in big museums or galleries. I find that is the real voice of cultures, the way they represent their legends and rituals, their religion… I love also ancient art of ancient cultures like Mayas, Incas, Japan, etc.

Books or writers I love are Dostoyevski, Octavio Paz, Alejandra Pizarnik, Emily Dickinson, Edgal Allan Poe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, books of Anthropology , Religions, Theosophy, Alchemy etc…

All images © Sandrine Zondervan : Website | Facebook | Saatchi | Tumblr | Twitter | Blog


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