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Linus Lohoff is a 29 year old photographer from Germany. He does some young corporate identity and design photography, some conceptual work etc. A series of his surreal still life images were once featured on the Flickr blog and it gave him the fame he deserved. Since then, his conceptual still life work has been featured on many photography websites but here we’re prominently showing up his portrait works that include things at the beach shot in available light and some landscapes. His series , dubbed “The Constructed Picture” was part of a photography class project at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. Here we have more from this talented photographer:

Linus Lohoff Photography (2)Hi Linus! Tell us something about yourself:

Hello. I’m Linus. I was born in a small village in Germany. When I was one year old, my parents moved to Recife, a remote town in Brazil. There I enjoyed my early childhood staying close to the coast. It was a wonderful life! When I was seven, we traveled back to Germany and lived in many cities. Presently I am now living in Düsseldorf. I studied visual communication and have a diploma in design. At the moment I am a Junior Art Director in a communication agency.

Linus Lohoff Photography (3)When did you start photography, Linus?

When I was 17 my dad gave me an analog camera which is still in use. Since that day photography has become an important part of my life. I take pictures whenever I have enough time. I always knew that I wanted to study visual communication. My photobook in my portfolio was helpful in passing the qualifying examination at university. I don’t see myself as a professional photographer with a degree or all the technical knowhow. The camera is just my favourite medium to generate pictures and to express myself.

Linus Lohoff Photography (4)I deal with pictures in my job every day. But there is a difference between picture that I shoot for clients and my own collection of images. Of course the two overlap and entwine each other. But when I do a personal work, I keep it all with myself. The frequency of taking photos depends on how much time I have.

Linus Lohoff Photography (1)Why do you like photography? Tell us about your artist statement… the reason behind taking photos:

I can answer this question in two ways- first, photography is a good way to meet new people. I’m interested in the person. I ask people if they would like me to take their picture. Then I choose a location or an atmosphere to start a photo-session. I don’t see it as just picturing a person but as a dialog between the two. In the conversation I tend to notice new sides of the person I wouldn’t have seen without the camera. Sometimes those dialogs influence the person who is being photographed. They might lose themselves in thought or laugh about something that was said and that are the moments I like to capture.

Linus Lohoff Photography (6)Secondly, the camera is a good medium to visualize ideas. I like to experiment. In my portfolio one will not only find portraits, but black and white pictures, spontaneous or conceptual pictures, polaroid or digital pictures. I like clear, strong and minimalistic pictures. The camera helps me to capture these moments quickly.

Tell us about the photography equipment and software you use:

I own a few cameras: Analog include Nikkormat, SX-70, Pentacon Six TL, Yashica T5 etc. Digital include Nikon D7000 with only one lenses (35 mm), iPad, iPod, Scanner etc. Other than that I use Photoshop, Instagram Filter, Scanner Software, and my hands. It is not essential for me with which equipment the picture was made (except if the idea of the work based on technique), as long as the picture surprises me or tickles my interest.

Linus Lohoff Photography (7)Tell us about your achievements and clients:

I don’t have any clients because I’m not a professional photographer. I feel very blessed that I was able to take some brand photos and some of my pictures were exhibited. Some have been used as covers on albums and magazines.

What are your future plans and ambitions?

In the future I see myself living close to the coast. The beach and the ocean make me feel at home. Just recently I noticed that a lot of my photography pictures were taken on the beach or near the ocean.

Linus Lohoff Photography (8)What about your inspirations, motivations and favorite artists?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. As somebody who works in a creative field, I find my sensors are everywhere. But if you choose not to be inspired it works to calm down. My job keeps me motivated. I am lucky to be able to let my creative energy run into my job to blossom. I still believe that I will work on my own stuff in my free time.

Linus Lohoff Photography (9)Linus Lohoff Photography (10)Linus Lohoff Photography (11)Linus Lohoff Photography (12)Linus Lohoff Photography (13)Linus Lohoff Photography (14)Linus Lohoff Photography (15)Linus Lohoff Photography (16)Linus Lohoff Photography (17)Linus Lohoff Photography (21)Linus Lohoff Photography (22)Linus Lohoff Photography (23)Linus Lohoff Photography (24)Linus Lohoff Photography (25)Linus Lohoff Photography (27)Linus Lohoff Photography (26)Linus Lohoff links: Webiste | Flickr | Facebook | Behence

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