Paintings of Regina Davis Izaguirre : Deeply Symbolic and Spiritual

Regina Davis Izaguirre is a Mexican artist presently living and working in New York. Her paintings are built upon visual narratives, symbols, and subtle metaphysical elements underneath. She does not paint in a lavish style and her color palette is limited yet her delicate effort and attention to detail breaths life into her characters and brings forth literary and philosophical ideas that succeed in bringing cathartic feelings. Her work also resonates with spiritual notions and attempt at contrasting two or more realities of life together. This largely self-taught artist shares with us her insight into art and related things in the interview below:

Please tell us about yourself:

I was born in Mexico City. I am largely self-taught, although lately I have been taking advantage of the great masters that teach around NY, where I currently live.

1 DavisRegina, Blindness, Oiloncanvas, 16x20, 2014What are the milestones of your journey into art?

I have been in love with art and painting ever since I can remember. I believe my first set of oil paintings was at the age of seven. As for the milestones, every painting, which is successful, to my eyes, is a milestone, because if it is successful, it means that I overcame the obstacles for its completion, and thus, contributed to the growth of my artistic journey.

2What is your artist statement?

My art is my emotional life and the collective consciousness translated in images. My paintings are very personal. They follow a line in my life. My hope is that they keep making people think and question themselves. My hope is that they move and inspire a viewer in a deep way.

3 DavisRegina, BrokenTiles, 40x36, oiloncanvas, 2014Which medium do you use to create your art and how much time does a painting take to finish? What is the creative process involved during their creation?

Oil medium, to me, is the most noble. About time a painting take… it depends. Sometimes it’s a week, sometime months. My creative process starts with an idea, a feeling, something I read or heard. I try to incorporate these by thinking of elements that carry enough symbolism to represent what I am trying to say in an emotional, psychological and philosophical manner.

Is there any theme that you would you like to exploit in your art?

I try to exploit whatever I am feeling or thinking at the moment.

4 DavisRegina, Oneness, oiloncanvas, 30x30, 2012What equipment or art supplies do you mostly use?

Simple, just canvas, bristle and nylon brushes, oil paints, the occasional model.

What have been your achievements?

There has been nothing better, or a bigger accomplishment than when a stranger actually understands and lets me know in what way my painting has become part of their lives.

What are your views on contemporary art scene?

I think the world is changing as we speak. Each generation has their own way of rebelling, like was the case of conceptual art, now we are going back to the roots. We have contemporary realism, the several openings of Ateliers… there is a collective hunger to learn and perfect the craft. I am excited of what is to come.

5 DavisRegina, DeafeningSilence, Oiloncanvas, 28x22, 2012What are your future plans and ambitions? Any projects in mind?

Keep painting, breathing. Hopefully keep inspiring minds and being represented by a mayor NY gallery.

Tell us about your sources of inspiration. Your favorite artists etc.:

How could I possible name a favorite star in the sky? Remedios Varo, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt. In the world today, Dino Valls, Brad Kunkle, Adam Miller… are to name a few.

7 DavisRegina, Mediations, 30x28, OilonCanvas, 2012 8 DavisRegina, Entrapment, Oiloncanvas, 28x22, 2011 9 DavisRegina, Last Glance, 36x24, Oil on canvas - oval shaped 10 DavisRegina, AfterDarknessIHopeForLife, 40x36, oiloncanvas, 2012Regina Davis Izaguirre links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Note: All images used with permission. Please do not copy or distribute without the approval of the artist.

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  1. Canon

    She is an incredible, true artist. Wishing her luck on many accomplishments to come and great rewards to follow as a result of her dedication and perseverance.

  2. Laura Edwards

    Regina is so talented. I feel so privileged to have met her in the beginning of her career and am so excited to follow her as she grows by leaps and bounds.