Sleek and Slender Digital Illustrations of Oriol Vidal

Oriol Vidal is an illustrator based at Barcelona, Spain. He’e been working as an illustrator and animator for more than a decade. He’s worked as an illustrator and storyboard artist with renowned agencies, publishers and animation companies that publish children’s books, character designs, concept art and storyboards. His characters are mostly sleek and slender teens engaged in usual teen-like things a photographically manipulated world. Here’s some inputs from Oriol on his life and art:

Oriol Vidal illustrations (1)Please tell us about yourself:

I’m Oriol Vidal, illustrator and storyboard artist based in Barcelona, Spain. I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts and I’ve been lucky to turn my hobby when I was a child,  into my profession.

How do you create your art?

First of all, I always read a few times any kind of briefing (on commercial works) or explore and chew on any personal idea to work with. I take notes, if necessary, then. After this, I usually take a lot of time “photo researching” on the web. Sometimes you can take more time doing this than working on the final piece 🙂 So, for me it’s an essential part of the process. When everything is clear, I go with the first roughs, revisions and finally, the final art.

Oriol Vidal illustrations (2)I usually work 100% digitally, with the common software and a Cintiq tablet. This works for me, but each illustrator have their own way to create their art. You should choose the most comfortable way to work with regardless of how the other people work.

What is your own critical assessment of your art?

Well, I don’t know if I would be the right person to make a critique about my own work, but something that I can tell you about this “core idea” is that (I think) this is the most important point when you are going to work into any illustration, project etc… And the most difficult part of the process for me! All images of a project must have something behind them, a sense, a storyline, something to communicate.

Oriol Vidal illustrations (3)What do you think about the role of Internet and social media in promotion of your art?

Well, I think that Internet has been a good influence for any kind of art, in general terms. Thanks to the web, you can see a lot of new artist worldwide that you couldn’t before, you can find tons of inspiration through other artists and you could be seen by many people, recruiters (it’s crucial)… But it might be a double-edge sword, because of this globalization, you can see the same kind of illustration styles here and there.

Tell us about your achievements etc:

I had the pleasure to work with some very good publishers worldwide like Sterling Publishing, Scholastic, Haper Collins among many others. I also worked into animation industry with a few animation companies, developing storyboards and character designs.

Oriol Vidal illustrations (4) Oriol Vidal illustrations (5) Oriol Vidal illustrations (6) Oriol Vidal illustrations (7) Oriol Vidal illustrations (8) Oriol Vidal illustrations (10)All images © Oriol Vidal : Website | Tumblr | Behence


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