Urban Interior and Architectural Photography of Thomas Perréon

We present before you the work of Thomas Perréon, a 25 year old photographer from Lyon, France. Thomas does all sorts of photography but he’s more inclined to architectural and interior photography. He works mainly with architectural firms, urban planners, landscape architects, developers, real estate agencies, and those engaged in building and construction. Thomas shoots completed projects, renovations, monitored sites, reports for the specialist press for real estate agencies envious to showcase their goods on sale. Thomas tells us about his work and interests in our simple Q&A below :

thomas_parreon_lumiere (1)Hello Thomas ! Tell us about yourself and things you like and do:

I was born in France in Saint-Priest, a suburb of Lyon, July 18, 1989, thus makes me 25 years !! 😉 I followed a general education, I have a BA Economic and Social and a BA in Photography. I am a professional photographer specializing in architectural photography, decoration and design for 1 year now. I practice basketball since I was 4 years old. I am a very active since I was a child I have always had the need to move, spend Sion me… I am obviously very interested in photography and architecture! 😉 But also music, TV shows, etc…

thomas_parreon_lumiere (3)Tell us more about your career into photography:

Photography never interested me before the age of 14 or 15 years. For the anecdote, I was skateboarding with friends, and I thought it would be fun to shoot, so I started using the compact camera of my parents, I think it was a compact Sony Powershot A80. I was trying to find different frames, as saying that it was not sensational ! Gradually, I began to take pictures too, I inquired on the internet, I looked courses on photography, I got enrolled on a photography forum to submit my images for criticism, etc…

thomas_parreon_lumiere (4)For my 18th birthday, my parents gifted me a trip to Los Angeles, a childhood dream! Before leaving, I decided to buy my first reflex camera, a Nikon D80, because I was afraid to come back and forget all that I had discovered there, that’s why I thought about photography, I wanted to bring this trip, beautiful images. In other words, we can describe these pictures of tourist, as there is nothing great, but what counts, it was the memories that I brought through these images.

The more I advanced in time and more passionate about photography. Not really knowing what to do after getting my degree, I decided to enter an art school in Photography section. I joined in 2010, the School of Condé Lyon, for a period of 3 years, during which I am passionate about architectural photography.

thomas_parreon_lumiere (5)What do you think about photography ? What is your idea about taking images ?

Personally, photography is a tool, and I take photographs to earn money! This is not very original explanation as I see it, but it’s the truth. It is obvious that this is also a passion, a hobby, but it is primarily my job. By cons, Photography is a means of expression and incredible information, especially with the advent of the Internet. Today we have the ability to take a photo and share it in seconds, I find it fantastic. The photography is sharing.

thomas_parreon_lumiere (6)Tell us about your camera / lenses / and other equipment you use :

Currently, orders for business, I work with a Nikon D800 and a Nikon D700 as a second case. I have goals to shift for architectural photography, fixed lenses, but also artificial lighting Elinchrom. I shoot in digital only for professional orders. Otherwise, for my work called “artistic”, I work almost only silver, with a Hasselblad 501 C / M. I chose a Hasselblad 6×6 format.

thomas_parreon_random (1)The square is a format that I like, it is a static format, with the virtue of being soothing and harmonious. It is a pure geometric form that borders on perfection from its equalities lengths and angles. They also have equal diagonals, which intersect at the center of the square and still form a right angle. Everything is geometry discussed here, one also has geometry in my photographs. The square has no length or height and therefore no sense of reading, the image is taken such as desired. A benefit to an aspect of my work is based on the loss mark. Its equal sides serve to highlight the geometric shapes, where equality and regularity are the rule. For all these reasons, it was obvious for me to work with this format. This format is predisposed with clean images, minimalist, with a gap between the image and the frame to deal with diagonals from one corner to another, game lines, shapes.

thomas_parreon_random (5)Due to its ease of use, Hasselblad is a perfect tool. The chest is also referred to an important point, in addition to changing photographic system perspective on the changing world around us. It is a pleasure to work with this unit, which is part of my photographic act, as the fact of working with film. In my series, I use the Kodak Portra 160 film only, I like its neutral appeal, and its dynamics.

Tell us about your urban architecture and interior photography:

There is not necessarily a story or message behind my photographs. I do not choose the subject, the subject chooses me. I take pictures of things that interest me, that inspire me, that fuel my interest or amuse me.

thomas_parreon_random (6)For my series “light material”, it is in discovering the work of Le Corbusier as I wanted, to transcribe image, his idea of architecture, based on light, concrete, forms, colors . I have often mentioned that this series was very similar to what we could see in the painting.

thomas_parreon_urban_reflections (1) thomas_parreon_urban_reflections (2) thomas_parreon_urban_reflections (3) thomas_parreon_urban_reflections (4) thomas_parreon_urban_reflections (5) thomas_parreon_urban_reflections (6)“Urban Reflections” is the first series that I made before I discovered the 6×6. This is a purely aesthetic. By the contrast between the stucture and deformations reflections, I wanted to give the movement, make alive, items that are not.

thomas_parreon_garage (1) thomas_parreon_garage (2) thomas_parreon_garage (3) thomas_parreon_garage (4) thomas_parreon_garage (5) thomas_parreon_garage (6)While “Garage Citroen”, is a series of images in memory at a key location in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon.

To summarize the approach of my work, I will say that I am rather in the search for an aesthetic, visual unity in my work, rather than the transmission of a particular message.

What are your views on contemporary photography and work of your fellow photographers?

I do not know if my style is different from that of other artists, I hope! But we see so much work, images, artists on the Internet, there is likely someone achieves the same kind of images me in the world, without knowing it!

What are your future plans ? Also tell us about your favorite artists and photographers etc :

My ambitions are still the same, try to share my work with up to anyone in the world. I would like to exhibitions outside France, but it is not easy to be known. If you know the world that could help me, let me know! haha! 😉

I also want to develop my style, discover new artists. Seriously, I want to meet people who share the same passion as me for photography and art in general.

thomas_parreon_random (8)I really have no favorite photographers, I appreciate the work or series of German couple Bernd and Hilla Becher, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, Georges Rousse or Filip Dujardin for example. But I find inspiration from painters, filmmakers, visual artists, architects, everywhere in fact!

thomas_parreon_random (9)Something to say to our readers…

When I started in photography, I always wanted my work to pleases everyone. Over time, I realized that the important thing was to do what I liked, what I wanted to show. There will always be people who will be less receptive to what you’re doing, that’s not why we need you to stop.

If I can give another board, it’s a word: SHARE! Show your work on the internet, in exhibitions, everywhere! Photography is sharing !!

thomas_parreon_random (11)All photos © Thomas Perréon : Website | Flickr | Twitter | Facebook


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