Photography of Flavia Catena from Italy

Flavia Catena is an Italian freelance photographer and writer. She started taking photos in 2013 after attending the Master’s program “Obiettivo Reporter” in Milan. A few months later she moved to Oxford, UK and took to photography in order to open up and take pictures of people. On being asked about herself and her work, Flavia responded:

FlaviaCatena_03I am an Italian photographer based in the UK. My passion for photography is quite a recent one (I started taking photos and attending photography courses around five years ago). I developed interest in this form of art at a very young age when I travelled around Italy with my parents and their analog camera. Before discovering photography, I used to write, play the piano – things I still do as often as I can. Creativity has always been important to me, I would say vital, essential. I develop a kind of dependence with what I am creating, it might be good or maybe not, I still feel the urgency of doing something which I love. And I love photography, I love thinking about new projects, processing the old ones, looking for inspirations. That’s why I spend my spare time reading books, visiting galleries, or simply walking in the wood and admiring nature.

FlaviaCatena_04I like working with things and people that are close to me and I keep the process quite simple for me and the model. Sometimes I shoot with a series already in mind, sometimes I just think of a simple theme, and then I improvise. I don’t usually collaborate with other creatives. I see photography as a way to express myself in the most silent and intimate way possible. I believe being a writer before becoming a photographer influenced me in thinking and feeling this way. What I am sure of is that I will never stop searching for beautiful things, real things, and for a way to make them visible to someone, somewhere, close or far from me.

FlaviaCatena_07 FlaviaCatena_08 FlaviaCatena_09 FlaviaCatena_10 FlaviaCatena_11 FlaviaCatena_12 FlaviaCatena_13 FlaviaCatena_14FlaviaCatena_02 FlaviaCatena_05 FlaviaCatena_06All photos © Flavia Catena: Website | Facebook | Instagram |Flickr


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