Photography of Annosh Urbanke from The Netherlands

Photography of Annosh Urbanke is clean, evocative, and atmospheric. Born in 1992, Annosh Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Most of her work is a personal chronicle of moments, memories, and observations, often trivial yet subtle.

annosh-urbanke-photography-1About : I grew up in two countries simultaneously. One part of the week I lived in Germany with my father and the other part of the week I lived in The Netherlands with my mother. Living in two countries simultaneously made my life very dynamic. Seven years ago I moved to Amsterdam where I feel most home because this city feels very much open and free – already by the simple fact that everybody is moving by bike. I studied museology in Amsterdam. When I started studying I also started to photograph. In my studies I learned a lot about museum collections - I wanted to collect as well, but in a more visual manner. This process of collecting moments was something I did because I was impressed by living in a new city and willing to ‘save’ special moments. The medium photography has become different to me because now I am using most of the time my mobile camera to collect and save beautiful moments. Using my mobile camera instead of a real camera made me think of maybe giving up on analogue photography, but actually it has given it another turn. I don’t use my analogue camera anymore as a diary. I am approaching analogue photography much more formalistic and I like to attend colours and structures.

annosh-urbanke-photography-2 annosh-urbanke-photography-3I am currently starting my master in modern and contemporary art history and I am working part-time as a tour guide for a museum about architecture. I enjoy it very much when people tell me sometimes after the tour that they have become to look more specific at the buildings which I show them and started to notice much more details as before.

annosh-urbanke-photography-4There is not a direct connection between what I am interested in when it comes to my studies or profession and photography. I am very much inspired by what I am learning at the university and the museum but I prefer to keep photography separate from theory. Taking pictures is something that gets me (emotional) silent and which brings rational activity in balance. That’s why I have not (yet) done any conceptual project with my photos. I just want to take pictures or make walks whenever I am off. Though I would like to spend more time in the future on photography and manage to not just show it online.

annosh-urbanke-photography-5 annosh-urbanke-photography-6Statement, methods, and preferences : I work intuitive and never think about creating a series while I am taking photos. Working with film helps to slow the process of deciding to take the picture or not because there is a limit when you work analogue and it is quite expensive to develop. When I get my film roll developed I see the results as some sort of ‘puzzle’ of forms, patterns and colours. After a while I start to see the connection between photographs and start to make combinations either or upload them on my Tumblr.

annosh-urbanke-photography-7 annosh-urbanke-photography-8I take my photos mostly in the streets by walking or cycling around. I don’t go out to shoot but rather always take my camera with me and take the snapshots whenever I see something interesting. When there is more time I like to go out and take time to really observe and explore new places. There is a difference in taking shots when you are at a new or different place like when you travel or taking shots in your everyday system. I feel much more satisfied to find something interesting in the ordinary and to practice open perspective towards surroundings I am actually used to.

annosh-urbanke-photography-9 annosh-urbanke-photography-10The objects and portraits I choose to capture are not very much focused on the object itself or someone’s look or expression. I prefer to capture them as a form or shape in the frame instead of showing their person (this may sound a bit rough but I enjoy their beauty very much and mimic).

annosh-urbanke-photography-12 annosh-urbanke-photography-13Last year I started to call a selected photographs formations. I used it as a work title to observe the forms that appear around me in everyday life. Formations are about blending different elements or objects in my surroundings in order to create new formations. I was looking for temporary compositions that can’t be recreated, because I don’t have control over the elements they consist of. I also like to crop single ordinary elements. And I don’t see my photos independent as ‘single’ images – I prefer to combine them. I also sometimes later notice that I took a picture of a similar composition like I captured before but in a different context with other objects in it.

annosh-urbanke-photography-14 annosh-urbanke-photography-15What I like about the medium of photography is that even when it is ‘reality’ which you are documenting - every person selects the common space in a different way. I would like to explore similarities and differences in perspective in collaboration with other photographers and artists. But that has to last because I first have to finish my studies.

Influences : I feel inspired by movie stills, patterns, light, nature, architecture and colours. Also the influence of the seasons and weather inspires me.

annosh-urbanke-photography-16 annosh-urbanke-photography-17 annosh-urbanke-photography-18 annosh-urbanke-photography-19All photos (c) Annosh Urbanke : Website | Tumblr | Flickr