Midwest Dirt : Photography of Nathan Pearce from USA

Nathan Pearce (b.1986) is a photographer based in Southern Illinois. He also produces zines and photobooks through his publishing project ‘Same Coin Press’ which he runs with Claire Cushing. He  shoots a and likes taking pictures of people and places he loves or find it worthwhile. Images featured here belong to his long-term project ‘Midwest Dirt’.

About : I am a photographer from southern Illinois and I also work in an auto-body repair shop. I am the co-founder of Same Coin Press, a zine and photobook publishing project. My work has appeared in over a hundred zine books and exhibition catalogs and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

npearce1 npearce2Statement, method and equipment : My work examines the tension between home and away. I photograph my native Midwestern United States and also examine being away from home in several projects. It would be hard to give an answer about what equipment I use because it varies depending on the project. Mostly I use small cameras though.

Midwest Dirt : Project statement : Growing up in a small town can breed a specific type of restlessness. It is the restlessness of having nothing to do. There is not a lot of “new” that happens there. After a while, the restlessness can agitate to the point where the impulse to seek adventure in a new place can’t be denied. And you leave, heading for the dramatic possibilities of the city.

npearce3 npearce4 npearce9What you don’t realize is that the city doesn’t quench the restlessness but fuels it. You miss harvest season, when you can drink a beer on your porch and see for miles. Angst turns into tenderness, and with something between resignation and acceptance, you go home. It is only in the return that you realize there is beauty in having nothing to do.

Influences and favorite stuff : I am very influenced by other zine makers and self publishers in photography. I am also very influenced by musicians in punk, metal, folk, bluegrass and a variety of other sorts of music.

npearce5 npearce7 npearce14npearce6 npearce19npearce10 npearce11 npearce12 npearce13 npearce15 npearce17 npearce18 npearce16 npearce20All photos © Nathan Pearce : Website | Instagram | Same Coin Press


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