People Photography of Chris Bernabeo from USA

Chris Bernabeo is a 25-year-old photographer currently living and working in New York City. He received his BFA from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2013. He likes shooting people and prefers film over digital. Chris is open for all commissions and collaborations.

About : I went to undergrad for filmmaking at and art school and was lucky enough to take some photography electives that got me developing and printing in a traditional darkroom. It was at that time where I started having a real passion for analog photography and it’s process. It was in 2011 though after coming out that I really started pursuing photography as my main medium for my art.

christopher-bernabeo-photography-2 christopher-bernabeo-photography-3Statement and processes : My photographic work has a sense of authenticity and intimacy. My favorite portraits I’ve taken capture a moment between me and a subject in which you can get a glimpse of who that person is just from the look in their eyes. It’s always been really important that I never force someone to be something they are not in front of my lens.

christopher-bernabeo-photography-4 christopher-bernabeo-photography-5The majority of my work is shot on film and although I still have an appreciation for digital, film/analogue photography is my favorite method of shooting. I personally like the magic of the unknown that film brings. You have to trust your gut and yourself as a shooter that you got the shot. It also allows a subject to put their guard down as there is not that instant gratification or self-editing that the viewing of an image just taken on a digital back of an SLR allows.

christopher-bernabeo-photography-7 christopher-bernabeo-photography-8My 2 favorite cameras are a Mamiya RZ 6×7 medium format film camera and an Olympus OM-2 35mm film camera.

Inspirations and favorite stuff : I love getting inspiration from other photographers new and old. Recently I’ve been diving in to Sarah Moon & Peter Hujar’s beautiful work for inspiration. I also love that photographers like Harley Weir, Jamie Hawkesworth & Colin Dodgson are getting well received recognition as all three also really appreciate the use of film in a lot of their work.

christopher-bernabeo-photography-9I still look at music videos as a major source of inspiration. I originally moved to NYC to pursue a film degree and end up making music videos and would still love to get back in to that. I still make short fashion films and really bizarre music videos starring myself in a wig but that’s not exactly the direction I want to take them. I’ve been talking to a good friend of mine who has a wonderful band, Noble Kids, and we want to work together on a music video soon to one of their songs that I really resonated with, so stay-tuned for that.

christopher-bernabeo-photography-10 christopher-bernabeo-photography-11 christopher-bernabeo-photography-12 christopher-bernabeo-photography-13 christopher-bernabeo-photography-14I find the most inspiration outside of photography within the cast of characters I meet and have surrounded myself with. I learn so much about being a photographer just from the relationships I maintain and form with amazingly beautiful souls.

christopher-bernabeo-photography-15 christopher-bernabeo-photography-16 christopher-bernabeo-photography-17 christopher-bernabeo-photography-19 christopher-bernabeo-photography-18All photos © Chris Bernabeo : Website | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter

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