IN : Photography of Sergey Poteryaev from Russia

Born in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 1988, Sergey Poteryaev is a freelance documentary photographer and a curator in photographic museum ‘House of Metenkov’ and foundation ‘Cultural transit’ (both in Ekaterinburg). He graduated in 2010 from Ural Federal University. He’s a member of the Union of Photographers of Russia since 2010. This is his part-INtimate series aptly called ‘IN’ and shot in the backdrop of an INtriguing place and a perplexINg experience that is called INdia!

sergey-poteryaev-1 sergey-poteryaev-2 sergey-poteryaev-3 sergey-poteryaev-4Statement : IN -  Mughals, the British crown, modernity. India has chewed and thrown all of this. All that is necessary for her, she keeps inside. Mosques stand, former Bombay still remained, skyscrapers tend upwards… But there is a feeling that things are not the way we used to see in our world. Attitude toward sex, religion, habits and customs is the same, no matter who is in power at the moment. Tourists observe only the tip of the iceberg. A billion people around you keep silent about something great that our eyes can’t see.

sergey-poteryaev-5 sergey-poteryaev-6 sergey-poteryaev-7 sergey-poteryaev-8 sergey-poteryaev-9You and I, we drove around all of this during three months. In horror and delight. Breathing the air consisting of spices, fried oil, trash and history. Just crumpled bed sheets remained behind us, like a flat India in the train window. Here we’ve penetrated each other, knowing that all is inevitable. This ancient country was left in us, whether we want it or not.

sergey-poteryaev-10 sergey-poteryaev-11 sergey-poteryaev-12 sergey-poteryaev-13 sergey-poteryaev-14 sergey-poteryaev-15 sergey-poteryaev-16 sergey-poteryaev-17 sergey-poteryaev-18 sergey-poteryaev-19All photos © Sergey Poteryaev : Website | Facebook


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