Travel Film Photography by Gabe Scalise from USA

Gabe Scalise is a 27-year-old photographer and avid traveller from USA. He’s been touring around the world for several years and shoots beautiful images using a variety of cameras with 35mm and 120 mm films. Gabe spent a few years in the Western US and took very impressive images of American landscapes. Photos of this feature are from his recent travels to Asia.

gabe-scalise-photography-2 gabe-scalise-photography-3About : I’m Gabe Scalise and I am a photographer from America. I shoot mainly 35mm and 120mm film of the things that I see and people that I meet. I’ve prioritized my life to enable me to travel, trek, backpack, and camp constantly and my photos are the sum of those pursuits.

gabe-scalise-photography-4 gabe-scalise-photography-5I got into photography when an uncle I hardly knew died and left me an old Pentax SLR and a few lenses and I just began shooting the things that were around me. Those things were always the woods and the mountains and growing up in New England with only hills, I moved out west to pursue those interests in a larger capacity. Since then I have called Utah, Chile, South Korea, and most recently Seattle, Washington home.

gabe-scalise-photography-6 gabe-scalise-photography-7Statement and preferences : Taking photographs is like breathing to me and sometimes it is the sole inspiration to push for that peak or to board that next sleeper train. Photography has shown itself to me to be the strongest cup of coffee or the coldest rush of air to jolt the system and inspire and drive adventures and experiences. My photography has changed over time yeah, but only as a reflection of how the subjects and places I have photographed have changed me. It is a reflect of a mood on the world and a tangible perspective on a moment in time that created the present.

gabe-scalise-photography-10Projects : I just got back from having spent a year and a half abroad and am working on publishing a book with the people at Sunday Mornings at the River from those travels. The book and accompanying series is called Home in the World and is a reflection on the meaning of travel and a look at the concept of an ever-changing ‘home’. It should be released at a book show in London next month and I am very stoked to see it come together!

gabe-scalise-photography-8 gabe-scalise-photography-11Influences and favorite stuff : Currently, literature has been hugely inspiring and some recent notables are 1491, Annapurna, and The Social Animal. I also find a lot of inspiration in cinema and photojournalism from people like Emmanuel Lubezki, Terrence Malick, Sebastiao Salgado, Reza Deghati, Stanley Kubrick, and Steve McCurry.

gabe-scalise-photography-9 gabe-scalise-photography-12All of my friends stuff has always inspired me as well and no matter the medium, I constantly look to all their work and grow from being around it. Aside from that, I am most inspired by the mountains and wilderness of the American West and I am looking forward to continuing to immerse myself in that landscape.

gabe-scalise-photography-13 gabe-scalise-photography-14 gabe-scalise-photography-15 gabe-scalise-photography-16 gabe-scalise-photography-17 gabe-scalise-photography-18 gabe-scalise-photography-19 gabe-scalise-photography-20All photos © Gabe Scalise : Website | Instagram


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