Folie à Deux : Photography of Felipe Abreu

Felipe Abreu is a 27-year-old photographer from Brazil who is currently studying in Barcelona. His work and an interview have been posted at PhotoArtMag almost a year back. His new series ‘Folie à Deux’ is about revisiting crime scene of six violent murders and inviting the reader to draw their own conclusions about the chain of events.

In ‘Folie à Deux’, Felipe proposes to create a visual labyrinth of images and clues, inviting the viewer to draw their own conclusions on a series of six murders. The test relies on contemporary images, archival footage and short texts to build this criminal narrative in which the viewer must stand as a researcher on the crimes committed.

The game between reality and fiction is constant in this work. There is an incentive for the viewer to question each image in front, trying to decide whether the fact presented is real or fictional. Thus, the series tries to explore the photographic limits in building a fiction and deals with a number of challenges in the construction of a photographic narrative.

‘Folie à Deux’ consists of numerous color and monochrome photos. Color images posted here have been randomly selected from the series. To see the work in detail, click here.


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