Winter Graffiti : Photography of Luca Pernini from Italy

Born in Senigallia (Italy), in 1987, Luca Pernini is an amateur photographer with a diploma in music (piano), degrees in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering and a PhD. He’s currently a Research Fellow at the university. He loves to tell stories and describe emotions with images. These beautiful and atmospheric photos belong to his recent series “Winter Graffiti”.

luca-pernini-photography-1About : My primary background is far from photography since I’ve a Master Degree and a PhD in Electronic Engineering. But I’ve also achieved the conservatory diploma in pianoforte: therefore, art has always been important in the course of my life. Music is a very immersive art form, and at the same time is very demanding. In opposition to it I have always been attracted from visual arts that in my opinion nowadays are characterised by a much more direct and immediate language that is absolutely not less powerful than music language. Music needs time to be discovered, while images fix the time into eternal moments.

luca-pernini-photography-2So thanks to the digital technologies I approached the world of photography in 2010 and since then my way of photograph has evolved, becoming much more thoughtful (the language is immediate, but the way to achieve the immediacy is not nearly as immediate!), and finally re-discovering the film photography.

luca-pernini-photography-3Methods, etc. : I want to avoid to affix myself to a specific photographic style. Probably I’m closer  to landscape photography, but it would be very restrictive. In fact, I always try to discover places, details and faces from my point of view, and the final purpose is always to tell stories with images. Often I go to places that I want to capture more times, seeking special light conditions, trying to have the best from already available environmental lights and avoiding artificial lights.

luca-pernini-photography-4Currently, I shoot in digital with a Nikon D7000 and a Fuji S3Pro, on film with a Fuji AX and a Pentacon Six TL.

Project(s) : One of my most recent projects is “Winter Graffiti”. I realized this work during last two winters and all the pictures were captured in Italy (Alps and Appennini). The project contains a serie of icy and peaceful details and scenes of winter. It reflects the need to explore the temporary changes that affect things and places.

luca-pernini-photography-5My intention was to capture and tell the feeling you have in a day where the sun returns to warm the earth after a heavy snowfall or a strong frost, when the drawings and sculptures of ice are visible before returning to disappear.

Influences : My journey into the world of photography has certainly been influenced by the works of great photographers. In particular, it is impossible not to mention Mario Giacomelli, native of my own city, characterized by a unique style. From his works you can learn a lot in terms of composition and communication. Even the works of Luigi Ghirri have inspired me a lot, especially in the way to capture and tell the places of everyday life. Finally, the way Michael Frye of using light in the landscapes and during the night it was certainly another important stimulus.

luca-pernini-photography-6 luca-pernini-photography-7 luca-pernini-photography-8 luca-pernini-photography-10 luca-pernini-photography-11 luca-pernini-photography-12 luca-pernini-photography-13All photos © Luca Pernini : Website | Flickr | Tumblr | Instagram


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