Street Photography of Edas Wong from Hong Kong

Edas Wong (b.1968) is a self-taught amateur street photographer from Hong Kong who captures brilliant colorful ironic image. He began shooting in 2002 and in 2011 he made street photography a mean to express his imaginations and daydreams. After a very careful study of the works of legendary Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photographs, he shifted from landscape photography to street genre.

edas-wong-photography-2About : My name is Edas Wong, a self-taught amateur street photographer. I was born in Hong Kong in 1968, studied telecommunications at the UMIST, and in 2005 moved to Stockholm, Sweden with my wife to work as an engineer in the R&D department of a leading mobile network. We had then subsequently moved back to Hong Kong where they currently reside and work till now. I started to seriously take photos in 2002, concentrating on landscape photography. Then in 2011, I saw Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Valencia, Spain 1933,” which turned out to be a transformational event. I was completely impressed by its surreal visual impact and the message/story behind the image. Although this photo was taken in 1933, it still gave me such big feelings. Amazing! At that moment, I realized an eternal and renowned photo is not only a pleasure in people eyes but also has a message/story inside. I then immediately fell in love with street photography. From that point on I developed an instant and abiding passion for street photography.

edas-wong-photography-3Statement, style, etc. : Daydream is my hobby since childhood. Therefore, I like to use (street) photography as a media to express my imaginations and daydreams. Regarding of method/preparations to shoot, it is actually very simple. I use a small 35mm prime lens camera. Then, I walk around a lot (it means a pair of good shoes is very important.) and take loads of shots. I believe the basic street photography principle, i.e. 99% failure then 1% success. Photography is not the same as other art for me. I don`t need to have a big idea. What I need is to be outside, to observe and pull the trigger. I was trying to make art out of ordinary situations.

edas-wong-photography-4Project(s) : I have two long-term “personal” projects: “Loneliness” and “Sex in the city”. I try to accumulate number of photos related to these two topics. In case you find interesting on them, please visit here and here.

Influence and favorite stuff : I enjoy Magnum photographers’ photos; however, I won’t copy their ideals into my photo (at least I try).  Outside photography, I read many Modern Art books, especially about surrealism.

edas-wong-photography-5 edas-wong-photography-6 edas-wong-photography-7 edas-wong-photography-8 edas-wong-photography-9 edas-wong-photography-10All photos © Edas Wong : Website | Flickr | Facebook


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