Photography of Ben Gowert from Germany

Ben Gowert is a photographer visual artist living and working in Muenster, Germany. His impressive work has been exhibited at many places in Germany. Images featured here belong to two of his recent projects.

About : My name is Ben Gowert, I am an autodidactical artist, living and working in Muenster Germany. My main artistic interests are in photography but also general in visual arts. Artistic thinking has always been the main thread in my life, and so I had to and wanted to choose an artistic way, for unfolding and working out all Ideas and imaginations I have.

1-temporary-still-life-1 2-temporary-still-life-3 3-temporary-still-life-5Methods, etc. : I am working with a Canon 6D and a 50mm fixed focal length. When choosing my places where I take photographs, mostly I look for locations away from sightseeing, which are empty of people. I like to discover and work out something special, out of unspectacular and unseen places.

4-temporary-still-life-6 5-temporary-still-life-7 6-temporary-still-life-8Project(s) : The shown works are taken from my series “Temporary Still Lifes” and “Cocoon”. At the moment I like these series especially, because I am already discovered many strange, curious and beautiful places.

Influence and inspiration : I get inspirations every day from everything I experience. This can be an everyday moment and also any big event.

7-temporary-still-life-9 8-temporary-still-life-14 9-temporary-still-life-15 10-temporary-still-life-18 11-temporary-still-life-20 12-temporary-still-life-22 13-temporary-still-life-23 14-temporary-still-life-24 15-cocoon-6-transition 16-cocoon-8-fading-echoes 17-cocoon-5-whispering-of-woods 18-cocoon-10-five-act-charisma 19-cocoon-11-feels-like-goodbyeAll photos © Ben Gowert : Website | Flickr

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