Photography of Xuebing Du from USA

Xuebing Du is a designer and photographer based in San Francisco. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Web Design and New Media at the Academy of Art University. Her work merges art, design, fashion, and photography to capture visually striking images with excellent texture, color, and appeal.

xuebing_du_01 xuebing_du_02 xuebing_du_03Statement : I’ve drawn inspiration from various subjects throughout my life, and I’m particularly drawn to nature, texture and color. I love exploring nature scenes as well as portraits. From plants around my neighborhood to the clouds and palm trees in Las Vegas, I try to capture colorful images of beautiful people, nature and locations as I experience them.

xuebing_du_04 xuebing_du_05 xuebing_du_06When processing my work I like to use the inspiration from music and art to help create the texture, feeling and atmosphere in my work. What I’m trying to communicate with my shots is a close-up look with this beautiful miniature world, somewhere between the reality and fantasy.

xuebing_du_07 xuebing_du_08 xuebing_du_09 xuebing_du_10 xuebing_du_11 xuebing_du_12 xuebing_du_13 xuebing_du_14 xuebing_du_15 xuebing_du_16All photos © Xuebing Du : Website | Tumblr | Instagram


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