Photography of Giannis Gogos from Greece

Giannis Gogos is a photographer based in northeastern Greece. He calls himself a ‘dedicated amateur’. In 2008, he had to buy a digital camera and a macro lens for his main profession (dental technician) and he got into photography. He draws his inspiration from the following quote of Alberto Giacometti:

I don’t know if I work in order to do something, or in order to know why I can’t do what I want to do.

Statement : Having been and still remaining an amateur photographer in this field gives me the luxury to set aside its commercial use. It allows me to take risks, to have no fear of failure and consider my relation to photography and nature.

“Metamorphosis” project is based on multiple exposures in-camera and ICM (intentional camera movement) techniques. The following pictures have been created exclusively in the field, pushing my creativity and my camera’s capabilities to the edge. Inspired from artistic movements, I wanted to give a painterly feeling to my photographs. Softwares as Lightroom or Adobe Raw have only been used to adjust contrast, color balance and brightness.

I seek inspiration from various photographers, painters and musicians. Beside that I try to leave my senses open to my daily impressions. As a great Greek painter Dimitris Mytaras wrote once: “See the faces of the people as they cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. See the worn walls with the torn posters and the colorful mottos. See the ragged clouds as the sun sets in the afternoon. See the tree across the street as the buds blossom waiting for spring. You will have made a good start and there is hope for you to feel the works of all times”.

Giannis Gogos : WebsiteFacebook | Instagram


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