Photography of Luana Rigolli from Italy

About : I’m Luana, I am 34 and I come from Italy. I discovered my passion for photography while attending the University. Due to my scientific background and my Civil Engineering studies I have a particular predilection for subjects like architecture and man’s interaction with landscape.

I belong to the group “DiecixDieci” in Gonzaga (near Mantua) where I organize a Contemporary Photography Festival. We are about to organize the 4th edition.

Statement : When I decide to take a picture, first of all I look at the light. For me the light is more important than the subject. I take pictures with my Fujifilm (X100 and XPro2) and I also play with the camera of my smartphone. I’m not a film photographer, but when I take pictures I shoot like a film photographer: I look at the scene, I do some testing with my smartphone, I put my tripod down and then I take the picture.

Project Statement : Presently I’m working on a project about Salsomaggiore Terme, a village with thermal waters that is facing some problems due to the crisis affecting the thermal sector in Italy.

The history of this village impressed me a lot and I think that I’ll explore other villages that are in the same situation.

Another ongoing project is about volcanic island, especially Lanzarote, in the Canary islands, and Linosa, a small island between Italy and Tunisia.

Influence etc. : I live in northern Italy, in the Po Valley, between towns like Reggio Emilia, Modena and Mantua. This was the area where Luigi Ghirri took most of his pictures. This photographer is very important for me, I get a lot of influence from his art. When I look outside my window I always see a light similar to the one in Ghirri’s pictures: a very soft light that you can find only in this area.

I also love cinema, music (indie and electronic), sea, volcanoes and sunrises, and I think that all these things influence me and my art.

Luana Rigolli : Website | Facebook | Instagram


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