In Time : Photography of Lubomir Lukco from Prague

Lubomir Lukco is a photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. He has an MA in Photography and works as a freelance motion designer & 3D artist. In his words, his work focuses on capturing a moment in time and space.

About : Ever since puberty hit me hard I have been interested in various art forms, mostly visual arts and literature. In the end I graduated from Photography at the University of Arts and Design in Usti nad Labem in Czech Republic. During my studies I experimented a lot with both photographic and non-photographic techniques and methods (like video or performance) and though it does not seem to reflect much in my current work, which is rather classical in style, it helped me to shape an open view on the world and it’s endless possible representations in the realm of art.

Statement, preferences, etc. : Photography suits me best perhaps because of it’s intimate nature. Framing a good view equals finding an intersection between myself and the great outdoors and it is always a unique personal experience. The persistent noise of the outside is filtered out in an image and what is left is “something” that avoids clear definition. Maybe “beauty”. But beauty says: you can never touch me, I will never be yours, you can never own me. I like that.

Projects : While I’m usually fed up with “projects” from my everyday work I like to let the photography just flow and float around freely.

IN TIME : “In Time” is a photographic series that is variable both in its title and its form, as it is created loosely and beyond any conceptual framework. Rather than a series, it is constant movement, though perhaps always on the same paths and in the same tracks. Sometimes, the routes intersect, sometimes they pass each other, occasionally they run in circles. It is a guide to a subjective landscape, written by a horse with eye-flaps it put on itself, knowing it is impossible to contain everything. There is always only a segment of presence that arises from the crossing of circumstances and coincidences in this limited view. There is no explanation on this path, however, this does not eliminate understanding.

Things around me are trying to catch my attention, as if they wanted to confirm their existence, to be captured.

Although sometimes I do not know what and why I record, I am always eager to know what I have photographed. Like that bird from J. L. Borges that “builds its nest upside down and flies backward, not caring where it’s going, only where it’s been“.

Influences and favorite stuff : Most important influences would be (not necessarily in this particular order) my wife, my little daughter, French literature, occasional time spent fishing and the shoes I wear.

All images © Lubomir Lukco : Website


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