Photography of Polyvios Kosmatos from Greece

About : My name is Polyvios Kosmatos. I work as a physics teacher in high schools for deaf children and I am permanently based in Athens, Greece. It was around the time of my Masters Degree in Paris when I started practising photography inspired by the current urban scenery. After returning to Athens, I resumed my studies, choosing photography after winning a scholarship in a photographic contest.

Methods, etc. : I started out with digital photography, before getting into analog. I believe film photography changes my relation to time: It takes me longer to visualise a photo before actually shooting, as I challenge my ideas more thoroughly through conceptualisation. Over the years, I’ve had to educate my eye, my angles of view, my patience. When I finish a film, I have the same sense of excitement: I never know what I will come of it and I love this time gap, not being able to see a picture straight after shooting it.

I use a Canon AE1 and experiment with different kinds of techniques and films.

Project : My last project “Human Nature” is a series I started two years ago. Through time, I realized my images were always in some way linked to humans in relation to their context, either urban or natural. Like two components of the same unit that interact constantly and feed off each other. The series is a presentation of this dual, and sometimes struggling, reality.

Influences : Art cinema and film directors such as Andrei Tarkovsky, Michelangelo Antonioni, Theo Angelopoulos and their symbolism always inspired me. In my images, I tend to play with metaphors and symbols. What is also very present for me in the work of these directors is their approach and treatment of time.

“Substitution… the infinite cannot be made into matter, but it is possible to create an illusion of the infinite: the image” – Andrei Tarkovsky

All photos © Polyvios Kosmatos : Website | Instagram


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