B&W Street Photography of Sebastian Jacobitz from Berlin

Sebastian Jacobitz is a 28 years old street photographer from Berlin. He got a Master’s degree in Business Engineering and worked for a printed-circuit-board prototype manufacturer in Berlin besides doing Street Photography and running his blog. Presently he is traveling around Southeast Asia to explore what the future holds in store for him.

I started my journey in Street Photography in early 2015 by taking pictures of some events happening on the Berlin streets. That turned out to a much harder task than I had ever imagined. Accepting the challenging my goal was to become better every time I went out to get some pictures.

Although the Street Photography community is very loosely connected in Berlin, we formed the Group Berlin1020 with fellow Street Photographers: Chris “Candid” Schirrmacher, Roland Groebe, Martin Waltz & Oliver Krumes.

Having a group helped me a lot in pushing my limits and continuing my development.

Street Photography is not very dependent on gear or equipment, which is one fun part of it for me. Usually, I photograph with my RicohGRII and an off-camera flash. Besides that, I also work with a FujiX100F.

Combined, those tools are pretty much everything I need for my usual Street Walks.

As far as preparations go, I just make sure to have enough spare batteries to never out of energy, nothing much further is needed.

What I want to express with my images is quite difficult to summarize. One saying goes, that every photograph is a reflection of the photographer.

Since I am always on the lookout to try new stuff whether as a person & photographer, my images change constantly and don’t have a cohesive theme. Which is totally fine and I like the change.

Albeit changing in appearance, one common characteristic is the candidness of my images. I simply want to show reality. Catching people “off-guard” and display their true inner character before they are able to disguise in their typical public mimic.

Most of the Images you see here are from my “Berlin After Dark” series which I created in December 2016. Shortly before that series, I started doing off-camera flash Street Photography and it fascinated me to the extent, that I wanted to create a whole project around that technique.

Around December we have beautiful Christmas market brightening the streets and bringing some life into the darker time of the year.

In the future, I want to delve more into topics of Photojournalism telling the stories that this world has to offer.

When it comes to photography, Bruce Gilden was probably my first Street Photography influence.

At the start of my “career”, I bought two photography books: Paul Ripke’s “One night in Rio”, because I am a huge football fan & Bruce Gilden’s “Stern Portfolio”.

While Ripke’s book was quite fun for the memories of the world cup winning, Gilden’s book draws my attention constantly and there was something new to discover each time I flicked through it.

Needless to say, that his approach had a huge influence, although very tough in the beginning.

Besides Gilden, I regard Gordon Parks as one of the greatest photographers to have ever lived. In addition, Parks was also a musician, writer & director. A great source to draw inspiration.

Personally, I also am very interested in sports and music, which are also one of the few last resorts where people freely show emotions.

All Photos © Sebastian Jacobitz : Street Photography Blog | Facebook | Instagram


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