Garrett Graham Photography (3)

Beautiful Landscape Film Photography of Garrett Graham

Garrett Graham has camera, will travel. This young photographer from LA likes leaving cities behind for a little adventure and great landscape film photography. Recently he began shooting uncharted places the old-fashioned (I hate this term) way with medium format cameras. Getting help with latest location apps, he plans solitary trips to far-off places that […]

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1. She Would Rather Imagine Herself Relating To An Absent Person

Psychological Landscapes and Narratives of Anna Jensen

Anna Jensen is a 35-year-old artist from Ashville, NC, USA. Her ‘psychological landscapes and emotionally complex narratives’ in acrylics remind of the humor and pathos previously mastered by great expressionists and later manifested by pop artists. A brief look at her paintings make you relate with her ‘autobiographical’ revelations that find a space and setting […]

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Garret Suhrie photography (22)

Fantastic Nocturnal Landscapes and Travel Photography of Garret Suhrie

Garret Suhrie loves leaving civilization behind and finding an uncharted land for taking breathtaking images that are solely starlit in pitch black odd hours. His passion for night-time photography has taken him to amazing landscapes and perilous locations where tremendous patience coupled with technology gifts us those fantastic and impeccable shots. Born and raised in […]

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Natalie Smillie art (1)

Cute and Bright : Brilliant Illustrations of Natalie Smillie

Natalie Smillie is a children’s book illustrator living and working in Airdrie near Glasgow. Her cute illustrations are bright with a lot of fun elements that keep children amused and engaged. Creating fantastic fairytale and mermaid characters, Natalie also does some freelance design works that are distinct with her signature style and stroke. Natalie’s art […]

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Melody Newcomb Illustrations (1)

Intricate Flora and Fauna: Enticing Illustrations of Melody Newcomb

Melody Newcomb is a freelance illustrator living and working in Harlem, New York City, USA. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Melody lived in many places and her upbringing in a multicultural environment is reflected in her art. Working both in conventional and digital media, Melody creates distinctly lavish and detailed illustrations exhibiting her fascination with flora […]

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thomas_parreon_lumiere (2)

Urban Interior and Architectural Photography of Thomas Perréon

We present before you the work of Thomas Perréon, a 25 year old photographer from Lyon, France. Thomas does all sorts of photography but he’s more inclined to architectural and interior photography. He works mainly with architectural firms, urban planners, landscape architects, developers, real estate agencies, and those engaged in building and construction. Thomas shoots completed […]

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Romeo Street Photography (25)

Fantastic London Street Photography of Romeo

Romeo is a street photographer of Italian origin who’s presently living and working in London. His color street photography depicts very interesting people and situations that are most vital elements in street photography. His current project “Streets of London” consists of photos that are beautifully shot with impressive shadow and lighting. He candidly captures emotions […]

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Paolo-Morales-Photography (10)

Profound Documentary-style People Photography of Paolo Morales

Born and raised in New York City, Paolo Morales lives in Providence, Rhodes Island, US. His documentary style people photography is very cathartic and philosophical. There are strong human elements spread in his images that spark desire, evoke fear, dissolve conflicts and generate an enormous feeling of well-being. The inter-connectedness of mankind is expressed in […]

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Lesley Ann Ercolano Photography (20)

Fantastic Perfectly Timed Photography of Lesley Ann Ercolano

Lesley Ann Ercolano is a street photographer from Edinburgh, Scotland. Her simplistic yet very impressive and captivating work is appreciated by renowned photo-critics and has been featured in many web and print magazines. Her timely captures at fields and streets shots have mystery, intriguing composition, brilliant light and shadows. Here’s an interview with this very […]

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