Photography of Dara McGrath : Raw Beauty of Transitional Spaces

Dara McGrath is a professional photographer from Cork City, Ireland. His latest photo project called ‘Edgelands’ deals with non-narrative landscape photography of transitional spaces between or around deserted spaces of the Eastern and central European national borderlands. There’s no border controls the establishments are being decommissioned and abandoned. They don’t exist on maps but reveal […]

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Boris Eldagsen Photography Favorite

Dreamlike Intense Photography of Boris Eldagsen

Boris Eldagsen’s photo series ‘POEMS’ is a very intense and profound visual experience. It’s the exploration of levels of reality, consciousness and everything that connects them to each other in myriads of ways. In this very sense, his photographs can indeed be summed up as ‘POEMS’. Using minimal digital effects or post-processing, Boris succeeds in […]

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