marion arbona art (3)

Amazing Fun World Illustrations of Marion Arbona

Marion Arbona (born in France) creates amazingly beautiful and fun characters that delight kids and grownups all alike. Marion obtained an animation film diploma from the Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs of Paris and later settled in Montreal, Canada. Her colorful characters come in all shapes and sizes with lots of decoration and fanfare. In […]

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Peter Donnelly Illustration (8)

Fantastic Vintage Style Illustrations of Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly is a multi-award winner illustrator, art director and educator from Dublin, Ireland. His very amusing illustrations have a classic vintage appeal. The very distinct style of his illustrations is perfect for children’s literature and advertisement. He has worked for many reputed agencies and some of his major clients include Cadburys, Guinness, Hot Rum […]

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5 una signora si innamorò dei miei occhi di fauno tecnica mista su tela 170 x 130  cm 2014_

Paintings of Andrea Saltini : Edgy, Dark, and Dreamy

Andrea Saltini is a very prolific painter and poet from Italy. His distinctive paintings bear the brush strokes that create a haunting ambiance where fear meets unusual and unexpected. Chalky and pasty pigments in her frames form a monochromatic effect that exaggerates the emotions and disturbance of her subjects, some of whom are imaginary and […]

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