Hideki Iinuma art (9)

Exquisite Wood Sculptures of Modern Woman by Hideki Iinuma

Hideki Iinuma is an amazing woodcarving artist from Japan. His fantastically carved figures of modern woman exhibit her delicate nature and strong will. He has won the Ernst Barlach Prize 2005 and his works have been widely exhibited around the world and is found in personal collections. The feminine spirit abundant in his work is […]

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Art of Rithika Merchant : Myths, Rituals, and Folklore

Rithika Merchant is an Indian artist. She’s in Europe since 2008 and divides her time between Mumbai and Barcelona. Her art is composed of visual representation of various myths, rites, and folklore abound in cultural traditions around the world. Her mosaic-like multilayer drawings and paintings created by creatures from her imagination are rich with visual narratives of […]

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Illustrations of Eleanor Taylor : Myths and Metamorphosis

Illustrations of Eleanor Taylor portray and manifest the ideas of surreal worlds where myths and metamorphosis create a basis for telling complex stories pertaining to our habitat, civilization, environment and their inter-connectedness. She creates her unique and thought-provoking artwork from pencils and collage drawings to give them a multi-layered look and depth to focus on […]

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4. nomix

Paintings of Mandy Tsung : An Inquiry into Feminine Spirit

Canadian artist Mandy Tsung creates enchanting surrealistic portraits of feminine spirit by personifying elements of her existence such as emotions, dreams, fantasies, delicacy and sensuality. Her figures are drawn in an exaggerated symbolic and lavish style using ink and acrylics on paper or oil on panel. Her subjects are painted amidst a conceptual landscape with […]

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