Tom Chambers - Aground

Amazing Magical Photomontages of Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers is an American photographer who creates surreal photomontages which are deeply symbolical and hint at metaphysical concepts and magical myths. In his series, ‘Animal Visions’ he draws viewers’ attention to the inter-connectedness of human and animal world and spirits. Working in the line of magical realism, Tom makes a very skilled use of […]

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Cristina Hoch Photography 1

Fascinating People Photography by Cristina Hoch

“The way you capture people’s eyes always makes me feel like I’m looking directly at their soul and this is one of the many reasons why your photographs touch me so deeply.” This someone writes in her testimonial for Cristina Hoch, a 20 something beautiful photographer from Spain… and we accord. Her photos please you […]

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Amy Haslehurst Photography 6

Awesome Self-portraits of Amy Haslehurst

Amy Haslehurst’s self-portraits are truly awesom! She is bright and talented like a movie star. Her photography is very refreshing and engaging. You can keep looking at her vibrant photos that are full of life! She is pouring all her efforts and emotions in her photography and that creates stunning effects and results. She is […]

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