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Interview of Photographer Felipe Abreu from Brazil

In the beginning of 2014, Felipe Abreu launched his first photobook called são.  são captures and discusses the dialogue and relationship of people with their surroundings in downtown São Paulo. In são, the inhabitants appear lost amidst chaos of a metropolis. Felipe contrasts this distinction by way of using dyptichs in his images. There are […]

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Impressive Landscape Film Photography of Carla Fernández Andrade

Carla Fernández Andrade is a 31 year old photographer from Spain. Working with analog camera, Carla began taking beautiful pictures 5 years ago in order to record her experiences and observations during her travels. She’s taken all sorts of pictures, but its her enchanting landscapes that drew our attention with their vast scale and stillness […]

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Awesome Film Photography by Randy P Martin

One thing you notice in an instant in most of the photos of Randy P Martin is the presence of a very tiny figure in the foreground and an overwhelming vastness around- be it a desert, ocean, valleys, beaches, highways or empty open grasslands. Travelling mostly with his friend Melanie, randy has travelled a great […]

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