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A Consuming Passion: Photorealistic Paintings of Lee Price

Lee Price is a highly skilled figurative painter acclaimed for her photorealistic paintings depicting compulsive indulgence with food. She paints herself surrounded with cupcakes and ice-cream in private moments inside on her bed or in bathtub. All her work is in fact an ongoing series of paintings addressing our obsession with eating, consumerism, addiction, and […]

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Shawn Huckins Paintings (8)

Paintings of Shawn Huckins : Contrasting of Historical Juxtapositions

Shawn Huckins does a very distinct work in art in that he meticulously paints historical American paintings and photos of the 18th-19th Century and transposes them with textings of social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc. His series of paintings called “The American __tier” is a collection of humorous juxtapositions, paradoxes and satire. Shawn places his […]

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