Lesley Ann Ercolano Photography (20)

Fantastic Perfectly Timed Photography of Lesley Ann Ercolano

Lesley Ann Ercolano is a street photographer from Edinburgh, Scotland. Her simplistic yet very impressive and captivating work is appreciated by renowned photo-critics and has been featured in many web and print magazines. Her timely captures at fields and streets shots have mystery, intriguing composition, brilliant light and shadows. Here’s an interview with this very […]

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Melania Brescia Photography (1)

Captivating Self-portraits of Melania Brescia

Conceptual and fine-art self-portrait photography of Melania Brescia is very captivating, intimate, and sometimes haunting, too. The display of raw emotions is brought out brilliantly when she combines them with her amazing concepts executed in a very inspiring and artistic manner. Melania is a real photographic talent and it pays well waiting for each her […]

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Amy Haslehurst Photography 6

Awesome Self-portraits of Amy Haslehurst

Amy Haslehurst’s self-portraits are truly awesom! She is bright and talented like a movie star. Her photography is very refreshing and engaging. You can keep looking at her vibrant photos that are full of life! She is pouring all her efforts and emotions in her photography and that creates stunning effects and results. She is […]

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