Profound Fine Art Photography of Maria Coma

Born in 1991 in Barcelona, Maria Coma studied Fine Arts and Photography to express herself and to become a professional photographer. In order to give vent to her feelings and ideas, Maria undertook various projects and shot magnificent thematic images. Photography gave her motive and medium to visually narrate what she found difficult to convey and she did it well. Fine art is her forte and most of her shots form a non-linear narrative that can be suitably manipulated to generate a tale or a poem. There is sensuousness and sensations evoked by a sudden burst of color, as in her ‘Red sand’ project. There’s restlessness, melancholia, reconciliation, and peace. Some of her architectural photos show minuscule people in grand surroundings to focus on our relationship to our habitat. Our Q&A with Maria Coma:

Maria Coma Photography (2)Please tell us about yourself and your interests:

I was born in Barcelona in 1991 and I have spent most of my life going between the city and the countryside. I began my education with the dream of becoming a visual artist but later discovered a passion for photography and so I have changed the way I express myself. Nowadays I am working for a photographic company whilst also working on my personal projects as a photographer. Besides taking photographs I also enjoy researching artists in order to gain inspiration.

Maria Coma Photography (3)When did this see a spark in you for photography?

Since I began to study photography 4 years ago, I have tried to express my personality in my photos. At the moment I feel that I have gained a lot of skills over the years and this has enabled me to feel comfortable with my creativity. As a professional photographer, I feel I am constantly looking for the perfect opportunity to take a photograph, even if I am just walking in the street, I feel like I am always looking through a lens.

How would you define the key area of your work?

In my opinion my photographs cover a wide range of areas. I do not feel they belong to a specific genre. However, due to the fact I have studied fine arts, I am more influenced by this type of work.

Maria Coma Photography (4)Do you also shoot with analog cameras?

I work with both digital and film photography. I love the process of film photography but I do not have the patience to work with this all the time. At the moment I am working to improve my skills in this area. My workflow always begins with scribbles on a piece of paper that I try to create later with my camera. Sometimes my final photographs are the ones that are unplanned at the beginning. I always work with Photoshop but I prefer to keep the photo fresh, as the more I manipulate a photo the more unsure I am about it.

Maria Coma Photography (5)Tell us about your creative approaches in photography:

I think the most important thing about my work is that I always go with my gut feeling. I always know when I have found the photograph I want. I am a perfectionist and I am always my own worst critic. I like to work in a closed space but I also enjoy working in natural light whilst using the flash, to create a mixture of light. This year I feel more comfortable working with colors, especially red, as I feel it is very powerful and expressive.

Maria Coma Photography (6)What are your future plans, ambitions and your sources of inspiration?

My future plans and ambitions include having the resources to travel to different places and work with different models. I always have many ideas but sometimes it’s impossible to develop this idea due to lack of resources. I also want to work with other photographers to create different projects. My best inspiration comes from Egon Schiele and Sally Mann etc. I always try to keep all of their photographs in order to motivate myself.

As long as I have the freedom to create photographs I will always try to feed my obsession of a life through a lens.

Maria Coma Photography (7) Maria Coma Photography (8) Maria Coma Photography (9) Maria Coma Photography (10) Maria Coma Photography (11) Maria Coma Photography (12) Maria Coma Photography (13) Maria Coma Photography (14) Maria Coma Photography (15) Maria Coma Photography (16) Maria Coma Photography (17) Maria Coma Photography (18) Maria Coma Photography (19) Maria Coma Photography (20)All photos © Maria Coma : Website | Flickr | Facebook | Twitter


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