Spellbinding Nature Close-up / Macro Photography of Alex Greenshpun

Alex Greenshpun is a very talented photographer creating captivating and engaging close-up / macro nature images. Her spectacular photos of flora captured in brilliant shallow depth of field leave a mesmerizing effect on the viewer. This brilliant self-taught photographer from Israel is also into fabulous animal photography, however, we’re currently showcasing only her nature shots in this post. All her photos are shot in wonderful natural light with great emphasis put on composition, perspective, bokeh, balance of colors. Her black and white macro shots have a very conforming palette of shades and tones. There’s a meticulous approach visible in her craft that creates magic with a play of colours. It reveals secrets at smaller levels and connects the viewer with vibrant forms of nature often ignored in a modern hectic life. In a very short span of time, Alex has improved upon her art. Her skills in editing and post-processing are noteworthy. Here’s more from this visual artist full of passion and creativity:

Alex Greenshpun Photography (2)Hi Alex! Tell us about you and things you like:

I’m a self-taught photographer from Israel, focusing mainly on fine-art nature and animal photography. I’ve always had a passion for the arts and before taking up photography I used to draw and write poetry. Today however, photography takes most of my free time.

When did you get serious into photography?

Photography appeared in my life a little over two years ago. I used to go for long walks out in nature with my dog and began capturing the beauty I saw around me with an iPhone. Even though I’ve always admired other people’s photography, until that point I never really considered to try it for myself. Later on, with some encouragement from friends, I decided to try and shoot with a DSLR. Since then I haven’t looked back.

Alex Greenshpun Photography (3)What’s your statement as a visual artist?

In my works I try to capture a certain magic, to transfer to the viewer the sensation of wonder and awe that runs through me when I feel the inspiration to create a photograph. In a sense, photography is a kind of meditation to me. It teaches me to find that inner stillness, which is the point where inspiration comes from. It’s a journey and a constant practice.

What camera/lenses/settings do you primarily use in your work?

I mostly work with a Canon 60D, a 50mm f/1.4 lens and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens and usually shoot wide-open to get a more shallow depth of field.

Alex Greenshpun Photography (4)What kind of images do you like shooting most and what is your method into photography?

Nature and animals are my favorite subjects, because I feel there’s a certain hidden magic in every little thing. It’s something many of us knew when we were children, but forgot. It’s my goal to remind the viewer of this wonderful beauty which exists everywhere around us.

The camera is with me wherever I go, because you never know when something interesting might appear. I never look for anything specific, but rather allow subjects to spontaneously draw my attention. This spontaneity is an important ingredient in my creative process.

Alex Greenshpun Photography (5)Whenever I see something that speaks to me, I’m completely devoted to getting that perfect frame. So, it happens quite often that I stay for nearly an hour with a tiny leaf or a flower for example. I feel that every subject has a story, even if it’s a withered flower or a tiny bug. A perfect frame, to me, is one that tells that story the way I saw it through my eyes.

Tell us about your achievements etc:

So far I’ve had one solo exhibition. My works have been published in various international photography magazines and several images have been licensed for commercial work, such as book covers.

Alex Greenshpun Photography (6)What are your views on contemporary photography / art?

I love looking at works of creative people. There are so many talented folks around. One of my favorite places to visit online is DeviantArt. I love all kinds of visual arts, not only photography, and DA is just oozing with creativity.

Tell us how you stay inspired and motivated:

Inspiration is always present. Much of my inspiration comes from nature itself. Just being outdoors, listening to the murmur of the leaves and feeling the wind in my hair is wonderful for creativity. I also read a lot of poetry, which often inspires me to create new works.

Alex Greenshpun Photography (7)Creativity, in my experience, often comes from limitations. For example, I often prefer to take only one lens with me and make the best of it if a photographic situation comes along. Sometimes I collect interesting dry leaves and reeds to later photograph at home and make a simple setup using only regular desk lamps. This way I challenge myself to create magical images using the simplest of things.

Share something inspiring or helpful to our readers:

People often ask me what gear I use. Many seem to feel that if only they had a better camera or lens, they would be able to create better images. Personally, I believe this way of thinking only limits creativity. I started out with a Canon 1000D and a kit lens and some of my best works were taken with that equipment. By many standards, my current gear is not “the best” as well, but I never think about it.

Alex Greenshpun Photography (8)Inspiration is within you and it’s something that cannot be bought. Use what you have, don’t think about the gear. Just go out, take photos and enjoy it. The more you practice, the better you’ll become and the more you love the subjects you photograph and the process itself, the more it will shine through your images.

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Note: All images used with permission. Please do not copy or distribute without the approval of the photographer.

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