Showcase of Intense Photography of Gina Maragoudaki

Gina Maragoudaki shoots less but most of her photostream comprises of very dramatic and gloomy images that feel like being part of an experimental movie. Her images are deep and leave lasting impact on viewers. Dark, blurry and saturated color images compete with contrasting monochrome compositions where people appear lost, shocked, or indifferent to things taking place around. Shooting only since 2010, this very talented Greek photographer from Athens gets her inspiration from dreams, desires, dejection, literature, art, etc. Here we showcase her latest work with a set of simple questions and answers:

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (1)Please tell about yourself:

I was born and grew up in Athens. I studied piano and advanced theory of music. I work at the public sector, at  health department. I love music, like reading poetry and literature. I also like dancing the tango. Cooking for friends and family is another of my favourite things to do. But above all I really enjoy travelling at places with my camera in my luggage.

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (2)When did you start taking picture and how does it feel like being a female photographer?

I have been taking pictures since 2010 when I first attended relevant courses. There has been a theoretical approach in the past, due to the fact that I have seen the work of the great photographers and have read relevant books.

I suppose I initially did not take photography seriously and as a matter of fact I did not want to do so. Nevertheless, for over one and a half years now, I am more aware of what directions to follow on photography and of what I am interested in.

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (3)A camera in the hands of a woman is less threatening. Some people are even flattered. It certainly is an advantage.

Tell us how you landed at your key area i.e street photography:

Any environment can be an element of my scenery. Streets, indoor, a room or a landscape, even a face encountered, as such. Anything could be an interesting topic for me.

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (4)Do you intend to capture drama of life rather than its stillness? How do you approach people for their photos?

Both do interest me. Stillness often encloses drama. Lately, I have become more hesitant of taking pictures of strangers. I do not like people to be embarrassed by my presence. I prefer taking pictures of friends of mine and generally speaking of people I am familiar with. I also use my camera at special events when that is expected, or shooting sites/places .

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (5)Which camera and lenses do you mostly use and why?

I have only one camera and a single lens. It is a Nikon 7000 with a zoom lens of 17-50 mm, but it could have been any other. Technical matters are not of my concern.

What is the future of street photography? Do you find it getting boring?

Of course it could be boring and tiring when the photo is just a simple/plain journal. But when it is not enough for the photographer just taking pictures without expressing his own attitude and his personal style, then the result is not repetitive, just because it is personal and unique.

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (6)Tell us why is there so much photography talent originating in Greece?

A good answer is the economic crisis and the declined living standards. This situation leads us to an alternative way of personal expression. This answer could not be taken for granted though. What I am sure of the characteristics we have as people. We are passionate with what we love and what interests us mostly. I also dare say we are determined and competitive.

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (8)Any advice you wish to give to aspiring/budding photographers?

Have a mentor or a tutor. I believe that a tutor’ s guidance is very important. A tutor will prevent you from copying, from being easily impressed. A tutor helps you to evolve your own criteria, to realize what photography means to you, as well as your personal trends and style.

Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (24)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (9)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (10)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (11)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (12)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (13)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (14)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (15)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (16)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (17)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (18)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (19)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (20)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (21)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (22)Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (23)All photos © Gina Maragoudaki links: Flickr | Facebook


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