Urban People and Street Photography of Davide Padovan

Davide Padovan (b.1989) lives and works in Milan, Italy. He shoots fantastic sensual lifestyle portraits and striking black and white (and color as well) street and people photography by analogue cameras. He took up photography only a few years ago and keeps many projects running concurrently. I’m posting some of his very impressive works with his laconic and to-the-point responses:

Davide Padovan photography (2)What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is just an excuse to be where I’m not supposed to be and meet interesting people.

How does any of your photo project or series take shape?

All my series are born from my desire to explore the everyday life to myself and its sense of mystery and surrealism. I am not interested to explain anything from my images.

Davide Padovan photography (3)What are the genres or themes that you’d like to shoot in future?

I’d really like to investigate more about the relationships.

What camera/lenses etc. do you mostly use and why?

I use mainly film cameras just because I love slow process and not overshooting. It’s not about to be snob, it’s just a choice.

Davide Padovan photography (4)Tell us what you think about contemporary photography:

I do not have enough experience to say something about the contemporary scenario. It’s really interesting and the new media are really helpful to compare ideas and talk about it. The independent photography is growing up really faster and gives a multiple points of view also to a beginner.

Davide Padovan photography (5)Do you have any favorite photographers?

I don’t want to say usual obvious names. I think it is our duty to find a spread names of local photographers and artists and give them the possibility to show their work worldwide.

Davide Padovan photography (6) Davide Padovan photography (7) Davide Padovan photography (8) Davide Padovan photography (9) Davide Padovan photography (10) Davide Padovan photography (11) Davide Padovan photography (12) Davide Padovan photography (13) Davide Padovan photography (14)All photos © Davide Padovan : Website


About Nishant Mishra

Nishant studied art history and literature at the university during 1990s. He works as a translator in New Delhi, India and likes to read about arts, photography, films, life-lessons and Zen.

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