Photography of Christina Evans from UK

Christina Evans is a UK-based documentary photographer and curator. She likes to document the ordinariness and banality of everyday which fascinates her and she captures those elements in resonance with their color and composition. She’s always drawn to something left behind by someone, the element of chance in taking a picture. Her photographs endeavor to capture the subtle coincidences of the world around us. Her images are a visual engagement with the immediate surroundings to engage with the instant. Here’s a short interview with Christina presented with a selection of her recent works:

Christina Evans photography (2)Please tell me about yourself and your relationship with photography. How does having an education in photography help you in your work?

I am a visual artist, curator and founder of Pample-Mousse, an online platform for contemporary photography, and utterly seduced by the banality of the ordinary. I’m currently based in the UK with roots from Toulouse in France. I moved back to the UK in 2010 to start a foundation diploma and continued to study at the Arts University Bournemouth, graduating with a First Class Honors Degree in Photography.

I would never have thought that I would have taken Photography as a degree back at school. I used to love art lessons, to paint and make things but I had never had the chance to use a camera. It was only during my foundation year, that I felt that there was something to pursue.

Christina Evans photography (3)Although, the way in which I see things and my curiosity hasn’t particularly changed. Now, I can’t imagine myself not using a camera, partly due to the fact that I have a phone camera and how easy it is to use Instagram.

Do you have an artist statement? How would you explain your current body of work?

I’m fascinated with the everyday. To put it another way, I take real enjoyment in looking at things, I use photography as a means to explore my surroundings, challenging my own understanding and perception of the world. I think at times, depending on who is looking at the image, it can appear strange as to why I have photographed something. The starting point for me is photographing because I want to capture it, even if it may seem boring.

Christina Evans photography (4)My most recent body of work titled ‘Nothing Matter’ was directly created for K6 Gallery, in Southampton, as part of their recent exhibition titled ‘Roam’. To accompany the exhibition I produced a 26 page soft cover self-published book too. The collection of photographs observe a visual language created in an urban environment. The exhibition, which begins at K6 Gallery (a pair of iconic grade II listed red phone boxes), is an arts trail. Therefore, I wanted to photograph on the trail’s route. The way in which I addressed the project was very similar to how I photograph in general.  The immediacy of the streets become the visual construct, as architectural space leads both route and composition. What is most important for me, as a photographer, is the experience in taking the picture.

Christina Evans photography (5)What are the things that you like shooting most? What is your method into shooting? Is there any kind of photography (theme) that you’ve been thinking of attempting for long?

The main method when I am photographing is going for a walk somewhere. The images are never particularly planned, although I may have a brief idea of what I am looking for. The fact that I take great enjoyment in exploring what I see means that it must be spontaneous. The everyday is always the location for each project, and the process becomes a psycho-geographic adventure. Breaking down what I look for in an image usually relates to : color, form, mark making, a trace, the urban, the ordinary or something peculiar.

Christina Evans photography (6)What photography equipment (camera, lenses, software) do you use?

I always rely on using my Canon AE-1 as its light and reliable. I do have a Yashica 124g, but I haven’t had the chance to take it out properly.

Do you have a favorite photo or a significant memory related to photography?

My favorite photo changes on a daily basis. I find Pinterest a great way to record visual findings that I enjoy.

Christina Evans photography (7)Tell me about Pample-Mousse. What is your idea of content curation?

During my time at University I was interest in pursuing curating. I curated a few exhibitions and interned at two local galleries, which were great experiences to undertake during University.  A couple of years after graduating it seemed right to create something of my own. Therefore, I began Pample-Mousse in late 2015. Pample-Mousse is an online platform for contemporary photography. The website acts as an online gallery of artists’ work and I’ve learnt that creating a supportive dialogue with other artists is important.

Christina Evans photography (8)What do you think about contemporary photography?

I’m really enjoying the way that contemporary photography is heading, which really pushes the boundaries of what ‘photography’ actually is. I have an appreciation for practicing artists who try to start something independently, such as a gallery space, magazine or self-published book. There are so many talented people out there that don’t get the exposure they deserve. I’m really enjoying keeping updated on new work via Fotografia Magazine and Wandering Bears whilst Instagram is a great tool to connect with other artists too.

Christina Evans photography (9)What are your future plans/projects, ambitions, aspirations etc.?

I am currently in the process of starting a magazine for Pample-Mousse, which will hopefully be in completion over the next few months. I think that it’s important to support one and other creatively, and therefore this is why I wish to create the magazine. Although I still have a lot to learn. Creating the magazine is not for profit, but to establish an ongoing creative conversation between photo and print. I have currently released an ‘open call’ opportunity for people to submit to for the first issue of the magazine.

Christina Evans photography (10)Please share your influences and/or favorite stuff: photographers, quotes, films, books, music etc.

Photographers: William Eggleston, Alexis Vasilikos, Maurice Van Es.

Films: Beginners, Cache (Hidden), The Shining.

Christina Evans photography (11)Books: Richard Wentworth, Eugene Atget By Geoff Dyer. J’ai perdu ma tête by Peter Granser. Kodachrome by Luigi Ghirri. Any books by Highchair Editions.

Something to say to our readers or aspiring photographers:

A piece of advice that I was given: never stop taking pictures.

Christina Evans photography (12) Christina Evans photography (13) Christina Evans photography (14) Christina Evans photography (15) Christina Evans photography (16) Christina Evans photography (17) Christina Evans photography (18) Christina Evans photography (19) Christina Evans photography (20)All photos © Christina Evans : Website | Pample-Mousse | Instagram


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