Photography of Olof Grind from Sweden

Olof Grind is a Swedish photographer based in Stockholm. He shoots a variety of images from landscapes to lifestyle. Most of his work has dreamy quality and is shot in brilliant light. His work has been described as dreamy and enchanting. Most of his work has a trance-like visual appeal and looks very-very modern.

03 Olof GrindAbout me: I grew up on the countryside of northern Sweden outside a small city just next to a lake. I started doing photography with my parents simple digital camera at the age of 13, at that point my connection with nature was of biggest importance to me. I ran around all over the hills and valleys looking for things to shoot. A couple of years later I started shooting more and more portraits, of me and of friends. I went on wild searches to find abandoned houses and environments to shoot in where that which was built by man once again had been taken over by nature. Growing up I never thought of photography as my profession since it was such a natural part of who I was. As I got older I continued to shoot and started getting commissioned work and now I can’t think of any other profession that would be as much fun and for which I feel the same passion as I do with photography.

01 Olof Grind 05 Olof GrindMy statement and preferences: Today I prefer shooting people, portraits of different kinds. I want to create a dreamy world that reflects the one I tend to live in in my head. I mostly shoot digital, but I’m using a lot of different small things (crystals etc.) in front of the lens to create effects and to manipulate the light and the colours. With my personal series I’ve worked quite a bit with animations, moving images in gif-format. I’m not big on preparations when it comes to shooting, I usually just chose a location, bring objects that I think will be inspiring for the shoot and that I can play around with and go from that. To just walk around with the person I’m going to shoot finding small places and corners of a city or in the nature is my best way or working. The images I take usually comes up on spot in my head while seeing a certain place or angle for the first time. Sometimes I use more experimental ways of creating my images, with scanners or combining digital photography with paint.

07 Olof Grind 08 Olof GrindThese photos: The photos I included are from a lot of different projects. Some are promotional images for musicians, some are from fashion editorials and a lot of them are just from different personal series that I’ve shot, often while travelling around the world.

My influences: My influences come from a lot of varied directions. A great part is from the cinema. The best thing I know for finding inspiration is watching movies with amazing photo. I have some favourite directors for inspiration such as Wes Anderson, Darren Aronofsky and Xavier Dolan.  Within still photography I don’t really have a specific photographer whom I can say is my favourite one, for me it’s a lot about what feelings a certain photograph can evoke within me. I want to be touched by an image somehow, that’s when I know that I find it interesting.

20 Olof Grind 22 Olof Grind 23 Olof Grind 26 Olof Grind 30 Olof Grind 31 Olof Grind 32 Olof Grind 38 Olof Grind 40 Olof Grind 53 Olof Grind 55 Olof GrindAll photos © Olof Grind : Website | Blog | Instagram | Facebook


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