Photography of Tamara Álvarez from Spain

Tamara Álvarez is a photographer and art director currently living near Barcelona. She graduated in Photography and Digital Creation Degree and post graduated in Art Direction in Interactive Advertising Projects. She’s currently working as a graphic designer. Her personal and artistic artwork explore beauty of darkness and light, inspired by her personal experience and using photography as a medium of expression. Her photography and films are about telling stories with a mix of adventures around the world and daily moments she loves.

tamara_alvarez_creature-fear-ii tamara_alvarez_give_me_hope_in_the_darknessAbout : I am Tamara Álvarez, a photographer born and based in Barcelona. My relationship with photography started in a natural way: capturing moments with my friends when I was a child. As the time passed I began to create stories and use my friends to bring them to live, but at some point I started to focus on my own story and ended up taking self-portraits.

tamara_alvarez_half tamara_alvarez_returnIt has been so long since photography ceased to be a hobby for being a method of expression and a way to discover more about myself. I capture my monsters and scars, my feelings and memories, as a personal diary I would say.

Statement and preferences : My artistic work is placed in the thin line between clarity and darkness. A constant search of the beauty that resides in it, because sometimes the darkness is needed to see the light.

tamara_alvarez_the_other_side-i tamara_alvarez_the_other_side-iiAbout my photography equipment, I use a Canon EOS 7D and multiple lenses as Sigma Art 50mm, f/1.4, Canon 28-70mm, f/2.8… Sometimes I use my father’s Fuji STX-2. But I think about the camera as a tool, so I don’t focus so much about what to use, I just do what feels right at this moment.

tamara_alvarez_tiredProject(s) : My last projects revolved around my own story, like “Your Own Shadow”, where I interact with my inner shadows, in a metaphorical way; and “Diary”, a compilation of photographs that I used to capture some concrete moments of my life.

Last year, my artwork had a twist, being focused on the exploration of light and darkness. So my future projects will be full of contrasts and the lack of colour.

tamara_alvarez_uncovered tamara_alvarez_untitled tamara_alvarez_viewsInfluences and favorite stuff : Most of my images are inspired by my own feelings and the light, but if I had to say some photographers that influenced me in my way to find what I like, they are Melania Brescia and Laura Makabresku. And outside of photography… music at all hours, as Bon Iver and Ben Howard.

tamara_alvarez_whereto tamara_alvarez_your_own_shadow-iv tamara_alvarez_your_own_shadow-vAll photos © Tamara Álvarez : Website | Flickr | Facebook