Holly Wilmeth photography (1)

Showcase of Travel & Documentary Photography of Holly Wilmeth

Holly Wilmeth is a 37-year-old travel and documentary photographer born in Guatemala and currently living in the US. She’s shot extensively in more than 50 countries and her work on ethnic cultures has brought her recognition as a famed photojournalist and documentary photographer. She’s been widely published in National Geographic Adventure, TIME Magazine, The New […]

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Michael Kistler photography (21)

Fantastic Fine-art Urban Photography of Michael Kistler

Michael Kistler is a fine-art, urban and street photographer living and working in Hong-Kong after spending over a decade in Tokyo, Japan. We like his blurry shots taken in slow-shutter speeds and compelling compositions that are able to capture the fleeting emotions of street subjects. Michael also shoots with his iPhone and those images are […]

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marius_vieth_photography (1)

Fantastic Street Photography of Marius Vieth

Marius Vieth is a street and travel photographer from Amsterdam. Two years ago he was going to give up photography but instead challenged himself to finish a 365 days project that changed his life. He quit his day job and began his journey around the world to discover culture, art, people and meet passionate photographers. […]

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Gina_Maragoudaki_photography (7)

Showcase of Intense Photography of Gina Maragoudaki

Gina Maragoudaki shoots less but most of her photostream comprises of very dramatic and gloomy images that feel like being part of an experimental movie. Her images are deep and leave lasting impact on viewers. Dark, blurry and saturated color images compete with contrasting monochrome compositions where people appear lost, shocked, or indifferent to things […]

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matthew_hart photography (7)

Interview of Street Photographer Matthew Hart from Liverpool

Matthew Hart aka Matt Hart is a Street photographer from Liverpool, England. He’s one of the very talented members of the f/50 Collective sharing their inspiring projects and stories with the world. We’ve already showcased works of its members John Meehan and Steve Coleman with their detailed interviews. Matthew’s photography is full of fun and […]

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Street Photography of Sylvain Biard from France

Sylvain Biard is a street photographer from Paris, France. His street/outdoor photography is candid, full of humor, and a bit whimsical at times. He states that he observes a lot more in his surroundings but detaches himself and maintains a distance to capture the drama on streets. “It is the relationship with my immediate present […]

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thomas_toft_photography (1)

Interview of Street Photographer Thomas Toft

We’d been looking at splendid street photos of Thomas Toft, a photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark for a long time and finally decided to approach him for a showcase post with an inspiring interview. Thomas is keen on capturing reflections and motion in urban settings. He’s very selective and posts very few photos on Flickr. Change […]

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Georgie_Pauwels_photography (6)

Interview of Street Photographer Georgie Pauwels

Simplicity is the prominent feature of street photography of Georgie Jerzyna Pauwels, a computer scientist in Wuppertal, Germany. She’s an avid traveler and her camera is always ready to shoot the amusing drama of streets. Cleanliness and symmetry are also major characteristics of her images that are free from visual distractions like too many elements, […]

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damon_hunter_photography (7)

Showcase of Impressive Photography of Damon Hunter

Damon Hunter is a fine art and street photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. We first came across his fantastic series ‘The Colour of Glass’- photography of buildings with extensive use of glass in a very interesting and colorful way with focus on shapes, lines, angles and symmetry. These cool images took us to his website […]

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Rupert Vandervell Photography (10)

Showcase of Fine Art Photography of Rupert Vandervell

Born and based in London, Rupert Vandervell works as a photographer and video filmmaker in fashion/beauty industry. He’s a self-taught photographer and his black and white photographs taken in the backdrop of urban settings exhibit light, shadow and the human form in amazingly impressive and distinctive style. Working mostly in monochrome, Rupert has finished some […]

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