Photography of Alicja Brodowicz from Poland

Alicja Brodowicz was born in Kraków, Poland. She’s a graduate of the faculty of English Literature at Universiteit Utrecht (the Netherlands) and a translator by profession. Presently she’s studying at the Institute of Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic. She’s won several awards and honourable mentions at many photo competitions. Her main focus is on subjective documentary and fine art photography.

Statement : This series of photos is titled “Learning to Swim”. It explores the mother and daughter relationship; it is about the physical and the emotional distance that increases as the child grows and gains independence. It is about the feeling of immense pride and also great pain.

alicja-brodowicz-1 alicja-brodowicz-photography-1 alicja-brodowicz-photography-2 alicja-brodowicz-photography-3 alicja-brodowicz-photography-4 alicja-brodowicz-photography-5 alicja-brodowicz-photography-6 alicja-brodowicz-photography-7 alicja-brodowicz-photography-8 alicja-brodowicz-photography-9 alicja-brodowicz-photography-10 alicja-brodowicz-photography-11 alicja-brodowicz-photography-12 alicja-brodowicz-photography-13 alicja-brodowicz-photography-14All photos © Alicja Brodowicz : Website | Flickr


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